When enough is enough...

This is how it all began!

The story of EnviDan begins in 1995 where 3 pioneers in the Danish wastewater industry, Jan Tryk, Simon Boel and Søren Brønd decide to join forces to establish EnviDan. From the very beginning, EnviDan has been characterised by a culture with a down-to-earth atmosphere where flexibility and co-influence are key words.

EnviDan's first business plan included an employee count of maximum 10 employees as a declared goal, but with that our three founders failed because today there are more than 220 employees in EnviDan. The ideas and whishes of Jan, Simon and Søren, however, are still an integrated part of Envidan’s DNA. We are close to our clients, and all clients are important to us. Furthermore, we aim to make every day both fun and professionally challenging.

Over time EnviDan grew quickly, and in 2000 EnviDan East was established. The clientele broadened, and in 2006 our Aalborg office was opened to be closer to the North Jutland clients. In 2009, the opening of our Aarhus office followed, and in the same year EnviDan took the first steps beyond Denmark's borders with the acquisition of Purenova Miljöteknik AB, which provides solutions for the wastewater and environmental sectors in Sweden.

In 2011, EnviDan Water was established, and EnviDan acquired GasCon ApS, which later was renamed EnviDan Energy. Today both companies are merged into EnviDan A/S.

In 2015, EnviDan was sold to VIA Venture Partners, now VIA equity, who has further assisted EnviDan in becoming a Scandinavian company with Denmark, Norway and Sweden as our primary markets.

Next step on the way out in Scandinavia was the acquisition of the Norwegian company Momentum Selvkost AS, which is now a subsidiary of EnviDan A / S under the name EnviDan Momentum. EnviDan Momentum provides financial advice to more than 230 of the Norwegian utilities companies and municipalities. The acquisition strengthened our position in the Norwegian market and opened up opportunities for combining financial consultancy with our waste water, drainage and energy expertise.

In the summer of 2017, EnviDan's position in the Swedish market was strengthened even further. EnviDan acquired AquaP Teknikkonsulter AB, which is merged with EnviDan Purenova AB, and is now called EnviDan AB. AquaP and EnviDan Purenova are a perfect match that combines AqauP's strong competencies in sewer and drainage technology with EnviDan Purenova's expertise within wastewater treatment processes.

And the story continues...