Financially, the EnviDan Group has once again delivered an excellent result, with growth continuing in all three main markets of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with total sales growth of almost 20%, while the bottom line has strengthened significantly. In a period where everything has been heavily influenced by Covid-19 and the limitations it has brought, it is nothing short of amazing that everyone at EnviDan has managed to keep up the pace, and together with all our good and loyal customers, have helped to keep the wheels of society turning during a difficult period - for which we cannot thank either customers or employees enough! You can read more about how they did it below.

In the midst of all this, the EnviDan Group was sold to Waterland, and this has also left its mark on the previous period - in a positive way. This is both because the sale shows that there is confidence from external parties in both the industry and EnviDan, but also because, in the wake of the sale, there was an opportunity to sell shares to a number of our loyal employees, with the very gratifying consequence that the number of employee shareholders is approaching 100. This, in turn, is a declaration of confidence and commitment from the employees, which shows great confidence that, together with Waterland, we are facing a bright future. 

Or is it that bright yet? Over the past year, one report after another has highlighted the fact that we are running out of options if we are to reach the "2°C target". This requires not only the will but also new methods and technologies, and the good news is that we are developing both. You can also read more about this in this annual magazine.

I hope you find our little annual magazine interesting and we wish you a pleasant read!

Morten Fjerbæk, CEO




*Profit ratio: Profit before financial items as % of Net Turnover





That is why every year we reinvest 20% of our profits in research and development. Solutions in our fields are constantly being challenged, which is why we are keen to innovate and be curious.


It is research and development that creates the basis for tomorrow's EnviDan. That is why we at EnviDan see strength in collaborating with universities and students with good ideas. It is at the crossroads of professionalism and curiosity that development takes place and innovation is born.

At EnviDan, these three cool women combine their knowledge and education with a research project to create innovative solutions.¨


Sofie Gyritia M. van’t Veen

Monitoring water quality in Danish streams

Data, data and more data. Business PhD and EnviDan employee, Sofie van't Veen has set out with her PhD project, SENTEM, to create new ideas and knowledge about the future use of sensor data. She does this by using Machine Learning for next-generation monitoring of the water quality in Danish streams. Through this project, Sofie tests sensors and develops methods for data quality assurance. Sofie is writing her business PhD in collaboration with Aarhus University, Hach and EnviDan.

Today, nutrients in Danish streams are measured manually every month in most streams and every 14 days in a few, which means few measurements and high uncertainty in the data. This is precisely why the project is highly relevant. The future is likely to bring a greater need for sensors that measure values every minute. Moreover, the current method is a hands-on process, automating which could save Danish society approximately DKK 30 million per year. 

Read more about Sofie`s project here!

Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund

When management and co-management need to be made easier

How do we turn research that is often heavy and distant from reality into practical and usable knowledge? Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund has set out to discover this in her business post-doc project, which also includes DTU Environment and six Danish utility companies. There is extensive research on advanced management of Danish drainage systems, but the research that exists is often difficult to apply in reality. At the same time, a lot of the management of drainage systems today is manual, and Nadia's ambition here is that the great potential for both management and co-management will be utilised to a much greater and broader extent in the future.

The challenge today is that there is often a significant gap between the highly advanced research carried out in universities and the everyday reality at utility companies. Nadia will now change this with a tool that can calculate the available capacity and come up with a plan for optimising capacity use.

Read more about Nadia`s project here!

Bolette Dybkjær Hansen

Machine Learning creates value in the water sector

Machine Learning is here to stay, and it can even create great value for EnviDan and the water sector. With an educational background in Machine Learning, Bolette Dybkjær Hansen will use her business PhD to create tools to use data collected in the water sector more efficiently. 

Over many years, the water sector has collected large amounts of data, and new data is constantly being added. As in virtually every industry, Machine Learning is a compelling tool to leverage this data for example, to optimise operations and maintenance, find previously unknown relationships, optimise management and predict innovation needs. 

During the project, which has been a collaboration between Aalborg University and EnviDan, Bolette has contributed new ways of understanding and analysing data, making our digital tools even stronger. 

Read more about Bolette`s project here!



In the last annual report, we praised our colleagues for fantastic teamwork and commitment when Covid-19 first shut down large parts of the world. This praise bears repeating in the 2020/2021 annual report, where we can, once again, boast that EnviDan staff are adaptable and helpful when things heat up. This means that, as a company, we actually feel that we have emerged stronger from the clutches of Covid. We have become more digital, more agile and more flexible when it comes to combining work and leisure, and we have confirmed that the trust we show each other at EnviDan can be sustained - even when we are together separately!


And not just working during Covid, either! Here, the working day took on a completely different character, and new ideas and habits were given an extra boost.

See what the EnviDan staff came up with while we were #togetherseparately

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