Better project management

TREFOR and EnviDan have developed EnviProjekt to digitally manage pipe projects to optimise administrative processes and minimise time waste for all involved parties. This secures that all parties involved have an overview of project details. It is of great value that everyone has access to the latest documents so there is always a consensus on the task description, drawings, permissions and billing.

EnviProjekt is designed for all parties to have access to updated project data wherever they are. It acts as a platform where all information and communication are collected in one system where shared data exchange is possible. EnviProjekt is also used for registration of both planned and unforeseen events. The implementation of EnviProjekt is easy and fast because it is a cloud based solution that works across multiple platforms (tablets, phone and PC), and doesn’t need any installations.

With the use of EnviProjekt the financial work requires 1 to 2 hours per day, and 1 to 2 days at the end of the month. Before EnviProjekt the same tasks required a full-time employee. In addition, administrative work related to project management is reduced from 3 to 2 full-time employees. Furthermore, before EnviProjekt all communication and all documents were handled through 5 to 6 manual systems that could not communicate.

TREFOR has in 2017 handled approximately 650 small and large projects consisting of almost 1240 individual contracts. In that same period, almost 1280 invoices have been handled, and almost 490 invoices for extra work. In addition, about 30 km of new pipe is prioritised every year and TREFOR uses about 80 million Kr./year in renovation of pipe and new facilities. All this work is being administrated by 2 to 3 persons thanks to the use of EnviProjekt.

Jens Dyrberg  Nielsen