The Swedish municipality of Höör is one step closer a new and future-proof treatment plant

In the Swedish municipality, Höör, the framework for a renewal and upgrade of the treatment plant is outlined together with Mittskåne Vatten. In the future, the treatment plant must be able to handle more cloudbursts, floods and increasing population in t

In 2021 Mittskåne Vatten appointed Envidan as a consultant in order to upgrade Höör Municipality's wastewater treatment for the future. The project aims to ensure that the Municipality of Höör has a treatment plant that can handle the forecasted load for the year 2055.

In addition to the municipality's growth, there are also plans to centralize wastewater treatment and in the long term to close three smaller treatment plants as well as to connect additional areas within the municipality that currently have individual drains.

The importance of thorough preliminary studies

Envidan has developed a framework with all external conditions that can affect the future expanded treatment plant, such as population forecast, planning conditions as well as national interests and other values ​​in the immediate area. Furthermore, a solid review of visions and goals at local, regional, national, and global levels has been carried out to create a basis for setting relevant goals for the project together with Mittskåne Vatten.

A technical report has been established containing thorough capacity calculations of the existing treatment plant's capacity in each treatment stage. 

Furthermore, the report contains forecasts for the future pollution and hydraulic load as well as an assessment of the degree to which the treatment plant is ready to meet the increasing load.

How the treatment plant can handle biogas and pharmaceutical purification

In addition to dealing with cloudbursts, increasing water volumes and population growth, energy sources such as biogas and the challenge of increasing pharmaceutical purification in the wastewater must also be considered in the planning of the new treatment plant.

The next step in the investigation was to assist the municipality with a basis for developing a biogas strategy, calculations have been made for the biogas potential for the future load as well as the impact a biogas plant has on the work environment, workload and which economic aspects can influence decisions.

Envidan has also started a pharmaceutical purification project together with Mittskåne Vatten where, in the coming year, we will examine levels of drug residues in incoming and outgoing water as well as in the recipient to investigate the possible need for a future pharmaceutical purification at Ormanäs wastewater treatment plant. The next step in the preliminary study is to carry out a BAT analysis to establish which purification techniques are relevant for the future plant.

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