In addition to treating wastewater, the plant will produce surplus energy and utilise the resources in wastewater to an extent not seen elsewhere, which will be of great benefit to the environment, citizens and society.


In 2028, Aarhus Rewater, the new resource and treatment plant, will replace Marselisborg, Åby and Viby Wastewater Treatment Plant. In a few years, Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant will not have enough capacity to treat the wastewater from an increasing number of citizens in the City of Aarhus. Furthermore, there is no room to expand the plant, which is adjacent to Marselisborg Marina. Åby and Viby Wastewater Treatment Plants also have too little capacity.

Therefore, a new, large plant will be built in a new location in the area where the current Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant is located. The plant - Aarhus Rewater - will be the world's most sustainable and innovative wastewater treatment plant, which in addition to treating wastewater, will produce surplus energy and utilise the resources in wastewater to an extent not seen elsewhere, and which will be of great benefit to the environment, citizens and society. These resources include nutrients, proteins, food, chemicals and basic substances for the health industry.

Flagship for the circular economy

The project will be a flagship for the circular economy at Aarhus Vand and will pave the way for the water company to be energy and CO2 neutral by 2030. EnviDan, together with sub-consultants, KWR Water Research Institute and Royal HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V., is in the process of realising this great ambition.

Morten Fjerbæk, CEO of EnviDan, is delighted with this and says: "We are, of course, extremely proud that we, together with our Dutch sub-consultants, have been appointed as Aarhus Vand's process consultant on this project. Our 


employees are driven by professionalism and personal development, and theknowledge that, for many years to come, we will be a central part of the largest and most innovative wastewater treatment project in recent Danish history, EnviDan has a unique opportunity to offer employees just that."

EnviDan is responsible for the design of the entire process plant

The job of process consultant was tendered in an innovation partnership, and the choice was made on the basis of a prior six-month innovation programme with Aarhus Vand. Director of Business Development at Aarhus Vand, Claus Møller Pedersen, says of the project: "As process consultant, EnviDan will assist Aarhus Vand with the design of the overall process plant for Aarhus Rewater - from the initial choices of technologies and resources to utilisation and the final design. It's very complex, but EnviDan are among those at the forefront in the field of resource utilisation at wastewater treatment plants, and together with the two sub-consultants, we now have a very strong team that I'm confident can solve the task."

The selection of a process consultant is step two in the overall tender process for Aarhus Rewater. The first step was architectural advice, which went to the architectural firm, Henning Larsen. The third step will be the contracting part, after which Aarhus Vand will form the final team, consisting of the architect consortium, the process consultant consortium and the contractor consortium, at the end of 2021. Construction of Aarhus Rewater is scheduled to run until mid-2028, when the plant is expected to be operational. The plant is then expected to be continuously expanded until 2060, when capacity will reach the equivalent of 600,000 persons discharging wastewater.

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