Soon, many northern Jutlanders can follow their daily water consumption via an app, just as they already can with their district heating consumption.


Aalborg Water Ltd. are replacing all old mechanical water meters with new smart water meters (23.000 pieces). EnviDan has since December 2018 helped Aalborg Water Ltd. in all aspects of the implementation process.
Initially, EnviDan performed a cost-benefit analysis based on TOTEX. Different technologies and measurement prin¬ciples were assessed, and the old mechanical water meters were compared with different technologies and smart meter types.

Business cases were assessed from financial perspectives as well as citizen services. It was also assessed to what extent the various solutions contribute to digitization, and to what extent the solution in question supports
optimization of the entire supply network (e.g. in relation to NRW, water Quality etc.).

EnviDan also assisted the utility company with an application to the authorities regarding the financial framework of the new smart meters. EnviDan prepared and held presentations for the approval of the utility’s Executive Board and Board of Directors.



EnviDan contributes with technical and tender expertise

EnviDan have held a market dialogue with different suppliers about existing and future technologies on the market. In collaboration with the utility company and their lawyers EnviDan prepared the tender material, which was sent out for tender in March 2020.

It is vital for Aalborg Water Ltd. that the new smart meters can function alongside heat meters and can communicate on the same remote reading network that is currently used by Aalborg Heat Ltd. In this way the citizens get synergy and can use the same app they already use to monitor their daily district heating consumption.

EnviDan evaluated the incoming bids and helped the utility
select the most economically feasible bid in respect of economy, quality and ease of use. As part of the evaluation, the different types of water meters offered where tested in the existing installations. The selected meters are being rolled out at the supply over the next three


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