Urban lake project with a significant climate impact is ready for implementation

With ambitions to restore nature in connection with a large pump guild, the municipality of Skive has, in collaboration with Envidan, taken the first step and mapped the possibilities for realization of the project.

Close to the Danish city Skive a large pumping station is placed between the streams Karup Å and Koholm Å. The area is surrounded by large dikes, and here the water from the pump guild is pumped into the stream. For several years the municipality of Skive has had ambitions to establish a nature restoration project, where the pump is switched off and the agricultural areas are replaced by a lake and wet meadows.

From ambitions to concrete and indicative reports

The municipality has applied for funds via the state rural district program to investigate the possibilities for implementing the project. On that basis, Envidan got the task of carrying out a preliminary study of approx. 400-hectare land with the aim of examining the possibilities for realizing the project.

The preliminary study shows that the lake can be created by directing water from the stream Koholm Å into the southern part of the project area, and back to Karup Å further north. However, it is not without challenges. The largest installations in the project are the preventive measures at the approx. 441-meter-long ring road bridge that crosses the area.

The Danish Road Directorate has demanded that the bridge pillars must be secured against ice loads via a transverse dyke. This is complicated by an


approx. 5-meter-thick layer of gravel along the bridge.The solution is a dyke, which is founded on sand columns standing on the mineral soil.

In connection with the project, Envidan has supplemented the already existing data with, among others, surveys, soil sampling, hydraulic models, and calculation of nutrient balances.

Creates value for nature, climate, and citizens

The report gives the municipality of Skive opportunities to move forward towards the implementation of the project. Some of the effects of the project include an estimated nitrogen removal of 25,758 kg/year. In addition, the project will have a major climate effect, as the water saturation of the area will stop the transformation of the peaty soil. This is estimated to provide a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions corresponding to 9,219 tons CO2-equivalents per year.

The lake is also expected to create a rich birdlife and overall, a more varied and urban nature. Finally, the project will provide a major recreational benefit for the city of Skive. Observation towers, path systems, living areas, etc. are planned and it is all within walking distance of the city.


  • The preliminary investigation report gives the municipality of Skive opportunities to proceed towards the implementation of the project, which will create great value for nature, climate, and the citizens of the local area.
  • The overall project includes the establishment of an approx. 230-hectare large, shallow lake with a volume of approx. 1,400,000 m3.
  • The project has been designed as a so-called “N-wetland”. This means, that the project is linked to the national subsidy scheme, which aims to reduce the discharge of nitrogen into internal Danish waters.
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