"The Envidan family has grown with the acquisition of VA-Ingenjörerna in Sweden and Arealtek in Norway. Both companies complement our current activities incredibly well and at the same time help move us even closer to our vision of being the largest sustainable water specialist in the Nordic countries. At the same time our Norwegian branch providing financial solutions for the utilities sector in Norway was sold to strengthen our profile within the water cycle. 

Focus on digitalization and sustainability is the future - therefore we have invested in preparing our software services for the future, and today we can provide state-of-the-art software solutions as a standalone service or in combination with our consulting and turn-key activities. That will give our customers the best value for the money.

Defining ’value for money’ has actually been one of our key activities in Envidan in the past year. We firmly believe that the introduction of a triple 

bottom line is necessary if we, as a sector, are to reach the UN Global Goals. Therefore, we have decided to let the concept of ‘absolute sustainability’ guide our approach to a sustainable water sector in the future and we have taken several steps to move our own sustainability agenda from abstract to concrete. 

As a consequence of Envidan ‘putting sustainability first’, we have introduced a new Director at top-management level - A Managing Director for Innovation & Sustainability with the main purpose of making sure, that we constantly keep our eyes on making the future more sustainable

As the new CEO in Envidan, I hope you will take the time to read this year’s edition of our annual magazine and all of us in Envidan look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future - enjoy!"

Ole Fritz Adeler


High expertise obliges. We know this and that is why we put action behind our sustainable ambitions. We want to be the preferred expert in sustainability within the water cycle, and thus, we will train all employees in sustainability to build a strong base of specialists that can push the sector in the right green direction.

This is our promise: We will calculate the sustainable potential of our activities – to secure that we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This entails that by 2026, we will advise our customers to choose absolute sustainability in all solutions, projects, and products.

We are already underway. And we dedicate ourselves to setting binding targets year after year.


How we will transform the water industry. We will document absolute sustainability – both in terms of our offices and in our projects with clients and collaboration partners. Therefore, we develop concrete new solutions and concepts that enable the industry to better set and achieve sustainability goals, and we provide software that supports the water sector in documenting sustainable results. With this we ensure that utility companies, municipalities, and industries can make the consequences of each individual sustainability initiative visible and thus prioritize their projects on an informed basis.

A great example is our well-planned and structured concept for working methodically with sustainability



Together we are Envidan - The strongest water community in the North. As part of our ambitious growth strategy, we have acquired the Swedish, VA INGENJÖRERNA (VAI) and the Norwegian, Arealtek AS in the past year. This of course with the support from our owner, the European capital fund, Waterland. 

VAI has some very strong competences within our areas of expertise focusing on, among other things, turnkey contracts within water and wastewater plants, which complement our existing business very well - both in Sweden, but also in relation to our Danish and Norwegian businesses. 

Arealtek AS is a consulting engineering company that offers counseling, planning and project management within the water, road and wastewater 


area and will particularly strengthen Envidan's engineering services for the water and wastewater sector in Norway. 

Sale of subsidiary strengthens core business. The same growth strategy has meant that Envidan entered an agreement with Norwegian Visma to take over Envidan’s cost recovery business, EnviDan AS (now Momentum Solutions), which provides financial advice on calculating fees for public services following legal requirements for municipalities, waste companies and harbours.

The sale means that we strengthen our opportunities for growth within our core business, where we have great ambitions and look positively at the future. 


Envidan is the Nordic region's leading water and wastewater specialist with three primary business areas: Consulting, Turnkey, and Software.

We help utilities, municipalities, and industries operate within the water cycle. And regardless of whether we advise on climate adaptation, deliver turnkey projects, or develop innovative software solutions, water expertise and digital thinking are always our focal points.

The utility sector needs more efficient solutions and working procedures due to the historically severe challenges regarding climate change and the pursuit of sustainability. For over ten years, Envidan has developed digital solutions for these purposes. We see great potential in optimizing through digitalization. In 2021-22, we strengthened our software solutions by establishing an independent software division that focuses exclusively on digital solutions for the utility sector.

Digital solutions - deeply rooted in water-know-how and the actual needs of the utility sector.

Even though Envidan's software solutions are now rooted in an independent business division, nothing has changed regarding our water and wastewater professional starting point, on which our solutions have always been built. We still believe that what makes our products particularly relevant and value-creating for our customers is that they are developed in close cooperation between our customers, our skilled water and wastewater specialists, and our software experts.

2022 was also the year in which Enablo was born. With Enablo, you get intelligent software for online control of your treatment plant - combined with competent advice.

Du you want to know how Skanderborg Forsyning moved their treatment plant to new heights and got better results. (In Danish)




At Envidan, we have the strongest professional water cycle community in the Nordics. Why? Because we share knowledge with each other – within and across departments and national borders.

Every other year, we gather all 350+ employees for EnviDay.
We come together to share knowledge. We come together to shake hands (again). We come together because it’s important to our sense of belonging. We come together because it’s fun and we come together to dance.

EnviDay 2021 was special because we held our very first but definitely not last internal conference, EnviConference. 

4 tracks – 36 Exciting and Professional Presentations

During the day we all got inspired at #EnviConference with 36 professional presentations held by our skilled and committed colleagues.

One thing is certain! We got to raise our level of knowledge and learn completely new things - some can be used directly in our everyday tasks, while others can provide inspiration and suddenly one day in the future hold the key to new solutions.




- both when we cheer each other on and when we make mistakes while we juggle with water expertise, sustainability, and digital transformation in our everyday work. Yes, sometimes we run fast together with our customers. But never faster than our values ​​of decency and ‘people centric’ can keep up. And we always leave room for flexibility because we believe that whole people perform better.

What does flexibility mean to our employees' everyday life?