Increased turnover in all EnviDan's markets


The environmental company EnviDan has delivered a great result in the financial year 2020/2021 despite Covid-19. This is shown by the company's recently published annual magazine, where in all three main markets in Denmark, Norway and Sweden there has been an overall increase in turnover of almost 20%, while the bottom line has strengthened significantly. This means that EnviDan feels well equipped for a changing future.

"So far we have come through the Corona pandemic very well, and that is the merit of our employees," says CEO of EnviDan, Morten Fjerbæk, who is really proud of how all employees have kept their spirits and productivity up during a period of homework and canceled social arrangements. "The EnviDan’s commitment can be read directly into the annual result, and I think it is important to recognize that," says Morten Fjerbæk. "Just when Covid-19 shut down the country in the spring of 2020, we were very worried about how it would go, but fortunately it turned out to be completely unfounded. Our customers have been very aware of their responsibility in keeping society going, and we are very grateful for that. So even though the entire past financial year has been marked by the pandemic, our figures look extremely reasonable, and both customers and employees have embraced the digital form of collaboration and gotten the best out of it.”

EnviDan is ready for more
It is not only Corona that has tested the employees' readiness for change in the past financial year. In December 2020, the European private equity fund Waterland took over the majority of the shares in EnviDan and entered the company with an ambitious growth plan and a desire to make EnviDan a strong European player in solutions for the entire water cycle. "We have joined EnviDan because we see some very unique opportunities to build a strong engineering company, which is growing in depth instead of in width,"

says Managing Director of Waterland, Kaspar Kristiansen, and explains, "The majority of consulting engineering companies grows large by expanding their solution range to several engineering disciplines, such as infrastructure, bridge construction, schools, public institutions, etc. This is not the strategy for EnviDan, where we instead have an ambition to create a leading environmental company that focuses solely on services within the water cycle. However, it requires two things: 1. that the employees can see themselves in our mission and 2. that we reach the goal of being able to make the acquisitions that will contribute to the growth of EnviDan. And we have already come a long way in our first year as owners, so it bodes well for the coming years.”

So far, the mission seems to be successful for EnviDan and Waterland. In connection with the sale a number of employees had the opportunity to become shareholders in the company, and many are now co-shareholders in EnviDan, which shows that they have bought into the strategy that has been laid down. This, combined with the fact that EnviDan completed the acquisition of Swedish VA Ingenjörerna at the end of the financial year, means that Morten Fjerbæk is very optimistic about the future.

“With the acquisition of VA Ingenjörerna, we gained 47 new Swedish colleagues, and most recently Norwegian Arealtek with 21 employees has become part of EnviDan. If you add them to our already large commitment in Scandinavia, I think we are well on our way,” concludes Morten Fjerbæk.


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