Advanced real-time management to optimize your treatment plant

With the management tool Enablo, you get software for online control of your wastewater treatment plant – in combination with competent counselling.

When running a treatment plant, a large part of the job is making better use of resources, optimizing operations and reducing the plant’s climate footprint.

Operating goals such as reducing nitrous oxide emissions, energy consumption or capacity expansion and increased hydraulic capacity are not always easy to balance, and at Envidan we know from experience that such operating goals can become directly contradictory. This adds to the complexity when these objectives are combined with the ever-increasing demands for both sustainability and better use of resources.

When using Enablo you can controle the operation and work focused towards your goals. Envidans eksperts always have your back so that we reach your plant’s operating goals together.

With Enablo, you get a partnership based on three pillars:

Our skills are your skills

With Enablo, Envidan’s advisors become a sparring partner in your operational organization. You get:
  • Access to our specialist resources, with whom you can consult on an ongoing basis when needed.
  • Two annual meetings to review performance to ensure your objectives are being met.
  • Advice and support on how to implement new management measures to improve the operation of your plant.

Your objectives define your solution

With Enablo, you don’t buy a range of standard controls that you only need half of. You get:
  • The controls you need for your installation.
  • Concrete controls based on your objectives and needs – whether they are about better capacity utilization, operational savings, sustainability or something else entirely.
  • Continuous follow-up once the governance arrangements are set up, so that together we ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Creating shared value across the board

Enablo is a fully transparent solution. This means that:
  • Our skilled process and control specialists draw on data and experience from working across the utilities industry – for the benefit of all Enablo customers.
  • You have insight into your controls, so you know what’s going on in your own engine room.
  • You are assured of constant development and optimization of your controls – and thus better target achievement.

The energy crisis is upon us

– it makes demands on your treatment plant

Do you also find it difficult to balance soaring energy prices, a desire to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint?
You are not the only one!


Learn how utilities are managing energy consumption and costs in the energy crisis

Case: An ongoing partnership with Skanderborg Forsyning

Enablo has been developed in collaboration with Skanderborg Forsyning.

Want to read more about the collaboration and how Skanderborg Utility achieved their goals of increased hydraulic capacity, reduced nitrous oxide emissions and overall greater control of operations?

Do you have any questions about Enablo?

Can I operate according to electricity prices and rainfall forecasts with Enablo?

Of course! Utilities can organize their operations according to the times when electricity is cheaper and/or greener. It is a new feature developed by Envidan during the energy crisis.

Is Enablo also relevant for my supply if we produce biogas?

Yes. What’s special about Enablo is that we can tailor the product to your needs and objectives – even if your utility produces biogas.

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