WHITE PAPER: Reducing urban water losses



How can water utility companies improve their efficiency and meet future demand for drinking water? These questions are put under the microscope in a new white paper. 
EnviDan has in collaboration with Niras authored a white paper for State of Green on the topic of Non-Revenue Water, Reducing Urban Water Losses. It is the 3rd edition of the white paper, and since 2013 it has been used worldwide as a guide to solving serious problems in the water sector with the loss of valuable drinking water. In addition, it has also been a showcase for Danish knowledge and technology within the field. 
In the whitepaper you can read the following articles:
  • A successful approach to reducing Non-Revenue Water: From holistic planning to successful implementation



  • Overcoming barriers and reaping the benefits: Overview of the most common barriers to NRW reduction and how to achieve log-term results
  • Framework conditions which support NRW reduction: Creating public awareness of the value of water and setting political targets

This white paper is written by Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen (EnviDan) and Klavs Høgh (Niras), State of Green has edited, and several Danish companies and utility companies have contributed with exciting and relevant cases. 

The white paper has been translated into Chinese and will be published in connection with a seminar on the subject at Asia's largest environmental exhibition, IE Expo in Shanghai on April 20, 2021. The seminar runs both physically with 50-70 participants and online. Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen from EnviDan and Kristiane Østergaard Jensen from HOFOR will participate as lecturers and panelists (online).

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jens b pedersen


jens b pedersen