At Envidan, you can become part of Scandinavia’s strongest professional community within the water cycle.

We can do this because we invest 20% of our profits each year in research and development – including yours. But especially because we have a unique sense of community that you can feel the second you walk in the door.

Technical water know-how and digital thinking run through everything we do – at every level of our business. We create software, provide counselling and deliver plants based on cutting-edge technology and deep knowledge of water.

We dedicate our deep technical expertise to delivering sustainable answers to our customers’ concrete challenges, and call us ambitious, but we mean it when we set binding targets to move the industry forward. We invite you to join us on our shared mission to become the preferred expert on sustainability in the water cycle.

Envidan is for you:

  • coming straight from school
  • who have 5, 10 or 30 years of experience in the water cycle
  • who knows that C++ is not a grade




Are you looking for a new job?

Do you want to work in a company where sustainability is an integrated part of our business? And do you want to contribute to the solution of exciting projects in climate adaptation, water, wastewater and software?

We are always looking for bright minds to bring new knowledge, new skills and good energy to the table. Take a look at our vacancies or send us an speculative application.

Get professionalism, flexibility and community

The well-being and walfare of our employees are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we offer flexible working conditions and the possibility to work from home, so you can balance your work and private life.

We have a flat management structure, a short decision-making path and a high level of professionalism. But most importantly, we are a company that values the social community and insists that there is room for the whole person.


Student or recent graduate?

You bring fresh knowledge from the classroom and we deliver “real-world” problems. That adds up to a good starting point for exciting discussions that will benefit  all of us.

So, do you want to be part of an innovative company where thinking outside the box is a plus and where the focus is on making a positive difference for customers, society and employees?

Research and development

Envidan aims to move the entire water sector in a more sustainable and digital direction.

And we can do this because we invest 20% of our profits in research and development every year. This is unique in the industry, but we know that our high level of professionalism is also our commitment.

Professionalism, flexibility and a strong team spirit

There are numerous good reasons why you should become part of Envidan. But one of the most important ones are all of the skilled colleagues that you’ll be working with.

Recent graduate or in training?

For some, the Envidan adventure starts with an internship, for others it starts with a graduation project, a student assistant position or a business PhD. 

Contact me
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Ursula Harboe

Senior Recruiter

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