As a consulting engineering company, Envidan assists utilities, municipalities and industry in the water cycle. And whether we are advising on climate adaptation, delivering complete treatment and resource plants or developing innovative software solutions, sustainability, water expertise and digital thinking are always at the center of our work.

Action behind sustainable words

High professionalism is an obligation. We know that. We put action behind our sustainable words. We continuously train and upskill our colleagues in sustainability. And we want to build the specialist knowledge of our colleagues so that they can actively contribute to moving the water industry in a sustainable direction.

We are in full swing. And we dedicate ourselves by setting binding targets year by year.

Our pledge

By 2026 we want to be
Proven Sustainable
. We want to be Proven Sustainable as a company in terms of the footprint we leave and in our projects in collaboration with our customers.

To be Proven Sustainable as a company, it is a prerequisite that we know the status of how sustainable our own activities are, that we set targets for our own activities and that we document that we meet the targets.

We will also be Proven Sustainable on our projects. Here, the focus will be on working with our customers to choose solutions that are sustainable and within planetary boundaries.

How we move the water industry forward

From our offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, our employees contribute to solving some of the water sector’s biggest challenges: securing clean drinking water, climate adaptation and sustainable wastewater management.

When interacting with our clients, we will ensure that sustainability can be mainstreamed into all projects, through the use of key tools and our specialist resources. This is how we contribute to moving the sustainability agenda forward together with the rest of the water industry.

New solutions

We develop new solutions and concepts that enable the industry to better achieve set sustainability goals.


We provide services and software that support the industry in documenting the sustainable results of their activities.


We ensure that employees in the utilities and in the sector can visualize the impact of the individual sustainability measures and can prioritize on an informed basis.

Education and training

We train our staff so that sustainability is always a natural part of our services and advice.

Sustainability is environment and climate
– but also more than that!

Our promise is to be Proven Sustainable. As specialists in the water cycle, it’s obvious that the environment is at the heart of our sustainability expertise. Therefore, it is also a natural place for us to challenge ourselves – both internally and on our projects.

We will challenge ourselves on absolute sustainability. We aim to demonstrate that what we do is within what our ecosystems allow, and thus within planetary boundaries.

But sustainability is not just about the environment. We recognize that. In our view, we are only truly sustainable when we address all three aspects of sustainability – and that is our goal. That’s why we work on all three aspects of sustainability: social, economic and environmental sustainability.

We take our own medicine

– here is our first ESG report

We are proud to present Envidan’s first ESG report (2022/2023) under the new CSR directive. In the report, you can read about the initiatives that will help us reach our ambitious goal of being “Proven Sustainable” by 2026.

At Envidan, we place high demands on our approach to doing business and our ability to take shared responsibility in all areas of ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance. We strive to create value for customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders and together contribute to the sustainable management of the water cycle and sustainability in general, because there is no Planet B.

We see this report as a starting point, a commitment to continuous improvement and a guide on our path forward. We are excited to share our journey with you and inspire a collective movement towards a sustainable future.

#sustainableengineering #provensustainable

The report is in English. Happy reading!

Our social responsibility

Envidan takes social responsibility by, among other things, working with CSR and has a Code of Conduct because we see ourselves as a socially responsible company. It comes naturally to us to continuously work to optimize the conditions in our environment.

Global Goals

We develop and offer our customers tangible, realizable and measurable solutions and concepts that enable them to better achieve their sustainability goals.

Research and development

Research and development drives innovation inside and outside Envidan. We invest 20% of our profits in research and development every year, and we work closely with universities, foundations, customers and others.


Over the course of four modules, you will be able to map your sustainability efforts, set concrete goals and subsequently work on concrete improvement measures and reporting in accordance with, among other things, future EU requirements (CSRD).

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