Energy and district heating

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At Envidan, we have extensive experience with advanced energy plants and the design of these is among our primary competencies. We are at the forefront of identifying the best technologies for the specific installation and we provide BAT recommendations at a specialist level.

We have a wealth of experience as a developer and provide top-notch developer advice. We are also contractors and provide turnkey services, so we know how energy installation projects should be carried out. This means that we can be involved right from the initial phase, working on design, drafting tender documents, and contracting with suppliers. At the same time, our experience in construction management, supervision, and occupational health and safety also allows us to follow projects through.

With an in-depth understanding of your industry, we look at the whole system and ensure that the challenges are highlighted. At the same time, we are also looking at whether you can benefit from storage or sector coupling, for example.

When designing new facilities, we prepare all relevant documents from scratch, but we can also assist in renewing and updating existing surveys, reports, approvals, etc. When we provide turnkey contracts, we put together a multidisciplinary team that includes process technologists as well as construction specialists. This ensures the best process in a well-thought-out and buildable project.

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Get help with planning district heating solutions

We provide advice and professional sparring to the Danish district heating sector. We have a strong team with many years of experience with the Danish energy sector, and we are experts when it comes to planning and designing district heating solutions that have green energy at their core. We have solid experience in building decentralized production plants and converting them to district heating, and our solutions are always customized in collaboration with our customers. And we believe that dialog is the way to the best result.

District heating pipes

We have one of the strongest process engineering teams in Denmark. Our professional skills combined with extensive experience enable us to lead the way in the planning and design of energy systems and the implementation of renewable energies.

We offer proven methods to analyze and identify opportunities for energy optimization and have a range of online management systems that facilitate daily work and ensure continuous optimization of utility operations.


We can help you with:

  • Electrification and sector coupling
  • Heating pumps
  • Energy optimization
  • Catalog of ideas for future developments
  • Purification of flue gas condensate
  • Online controlling

What can you get help with?

What phases and deliverables can be included in our energy and district heating projects?
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Solution specification

  • Mapping sources of waste heat
  • Mapping plots for production and accumulation
  • Specification of zoning
  • Preliminary CAPEX and OPEX for the establishment and operation of each area
  • Conceptual Description as a Basis for decision-making

Concept design

  • Preliminary layouts, wiring diagrams, PID, and parts lists
  • Simple 3D illustrations of production
  • Interface definitions
  • Job descriptions
  • Verification of CAPEX and OPEX

Procurement and supply strategy

  • Engagement of/with suppliers
  • Potentials for partnerships
  • Possible client deliverables
  • Clarification of delivery times and critical path during deployment
  • Definition of evaluation criteria
  • Choice of tender type
  • Prequalification and onboarding

Stakeholder and regulatory management

  • Preliminary involvement of authorities for new solutions
  • Preparation of project proposals
  • Preparation of any EIA
  • Clarifying relationships with neighbors, e.g. in regards to noise
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Preparing building permit application

Development and preparation of tender documents

  • Job and work descriptions
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Deviations and additions to the tender framework, e.g. ABT18
  • Templates for evaluation criteria
  • Appendices and drawing lists

Negotiation and evaluation

  • Sending out tenders
  • Questions and answers for tenders and inspections
  • Evaluation of solutions and offers received
  • Offer presentations
  • Quantifying offers relative to evaluation criteria
  • Contracting

Follow-up and assistance during execution

  • Technical and strategic assistance
  • Design verification
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Negotiation in regard to disputes
  • Construction meetings
  • Security work

Reach your climate goals with energy-efficient projects

At Envidan, we are passionate about energy-efficient projects, such as when wastewater becomes district heating with renewable energy and when the plant can modulate and provide system services. Then electrification and sector coupling have ensured a major contribution to the green transition.

Does your utility or municipality need help reaching your energy and climate goals? We are happy to help with the expansion of storage tanks, heat pumps, electric boilers, or biomass systems. We can also help you identify your needs if you’re not sure what the right solution is for you. Learn more about the possibilities here.

Accumulation tanks

Accumulation tanks at energy plant in Fårevejle, Denmark


A storage tank acts like a hot water tank, allowing you to store heat for shorter or longer periods.

This way, heat pumps or other heating systems can reduce the amount of start and stop procedures and instead use the hot water from the storage tank to reduce heat loss.

Among other things, we can help with:

  • Sizing of accumulation tanks
  • Energy calculations of accumulation tanks

Heating pumps

Heating pump with pipe systems at energy plant


A heating pump is a system that converts energy into heat. We provide consulting for projects involving air-to-water and water-to-water heating pumps

A heating pump can run on outdoor air, wastewater, drinking water, geothermal and other sources. In addition, heating pumps can be combined with renewable energy and storage solutions.

Among other things, we can help with:

  • Project planners
  • Business cases
  • Requirements and tender documents
  • Construction management, supervision and commissioning

Electric kettles

Electrode boiler for industrial purpose


With an electric kettle, you can down-regulate to produce heat on the kettle when electricity prices are low.

In this way, an electric kettle can be an efficient way to utilize energy when there is a surplus in the grid.

Among other things, we can help with:

  • Energy calculations
  • Tenders for electric kettles
  • Design, planning and supervision

Biomass plants

Hand holding wood pellets


A biomass plant runs on biomass, such as wood chips, straw and wood pellets.

As biomass is degradable, it contributes positively to the consumption of renewable energy and can be a step towards achieving the utility’s climate goals.

Among other things, we can help with:

  • Fuel selection
  • Dimensioning the system