Wastewater treatment

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At Envidan, we have many years of experience in advanced wastewater treatment and sustainable recovery of wastewater resources. Also, treatment plant design and process optimization are among our main competences.

We are at the forefront of identifying the best technologies and most innovative solutions for the specific installation and provide BAT (Best Available Technology) recommendations at a specialist level. At the same time, we use online management to optimize cleaning processes.

We have completed a large number of projects treating both municipal and industrial wastewater. We offer a wide range of services within holistic wastewater treatment such as client consultancy, expansion plans, project consultancy and optimization of wastewater treatment plants.

Our approach always depent on the specific plant and task at hand, and we can advise on both low- and high-tech treatment processes.

Operational management and optimization is an essential part of our services, and we offer a range of solutions and software products that make everyday life easier at the treatment plant. Finally, we have extensive experience in carrying out turnkey contracts for wastewater treatment plants.

Get informed planning for the future structure of wastewater treatment plants

To meet future requirements for efficient wastewater treatment, benchmarking of operations, energy optimization, etc. we work focused and determined towards the future treatment plant structure. We have a proven concept for preparing holistic expansion plans that focus on meeting your specific goals or strategies. To do this, we use our extensive knowledge of process optimization, BAT technologies, wastewater treatment plants, drainage systems and the recipient to get all the way around the planning.

With Envidan, you get a partner who is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to finding new ways to contribute to sustainable development and improve the structure from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

With a broad range of expertise, we reach a holistic solution

Our team consists of process, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, biologists, geologists, landscape architects and sustainability specialists, and we use all skills to deliver a solution that takes into account all aspects of the specific project.

We also have a bridge-building role, where we strengthen and manage the interaction between authorities, utilities, contractors, project consultants and others in all phases of the project. We facilitate communication between the parties involved and handle both spoken and written communication.

We are on top of the applicable requirements and conditions in connection with discharge and connection permits, and we have solid experience in assessing the consequences for the environment, impact on the recipient, substance transport considerations, etc. Therefore we have our quallifications in order when we carry out the preparatory work and ensure that the timetables met.

Benefit from our experience in designing and executing wastewater treatment plants

We carry out many design tasks for our clients every year. We always design in close dialog with the client and believe that a participatory process creates a unique space for mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. That’s why we also design in 3D and invite the client and other stakeholders inside for a visualized tour of the facility.

We design treatment plants in detail and use all in-house competencies to find the best technical solution at the right price. When we sit as a consultant on a project, it is our responsibility to think about every detail and make sure the job is done on time, at the right price and with the best available technology.

And we always take sustainability into account when implementing projects. A natural part of our work is to clarify your specific sustainability goals and develop sustainable solutions based on them.

We provide a wide range of advanced wastewater treatment services:


  • Catalogue of ideas for future developments
  • Energy optimization and CO2 reduction measures
  • Application of new treatment technologies
  • Assessment of options for sustainable resource use
  • Process optimization
  • Process service and guidance
  • Online management
  • Implementation of electronic operating record
  • Calculation of the basis for special contributions

We focus on several parameters when designing a successful wastewater treatment plant project

  • Client involvement
    We always involve the client as much as possible in the development process to align expectations.

  • Preliminary studies and inspections
    We carry out thorough feasibility studies and inspect the site as many times as necessary to get all the details.
  • Involvement of operational staff
    We listen to the wishes and needs of employees. They are the ones who will be in charge of day-to-day operations, and their input is our guide.

Tendering and supervision

We have extensive experience in preparing tenders for both main and specialist contracts, and as project consultants, we are responsible for ensuring that the tender documents contain all the necessary information.

At the same time, we have extensive experience in evaluating and assessing tenders against the set criteria to ensure a  fair allocation process.



Here, we see sustainability becoming more and more important, and we are well equipped to help with the new criteria.

The high professional level is a prerequisite for us throughout the project. Therefore, the same team often designs and supervises the project, ensuring consistency throughout the project.

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