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Digitalization is spreading like wildfire all around us. The world is in a rapid and unstoppable process of changing from analog to digital. This also applies to the water sector and the solutions to develop it further.

At Envidan, we believe that future developments in the water sector, such as ensuring clean water, supporting the sustainable agenda and preventing climate change, are based on digital solutions. That’s why we focus on developing innovative software solutions based on our core water expertise for the water sector of the future.

Through our strong technical expertise, we develop practical, sustainable solutions to our clients’ specific problems. All our software products are rooted in data and by the assumption that data can be used to gain an overview and structure, work more purposefully and efficiently, and ultimately make better decisions.

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Advanced real-time management to optimize your treatment plant.

Data platform

Your utility data gathered in one place for easy analysis and visualisation


The best
prerequisites for your
wastewater planning


Systematizing and streamlining operations
with EnviDrift


A data-driven asset management tool for renewal planning


Online operational record
for utilities and
treatment plants


Manage and administer the emptyings of your septic tanks, etc.


Collection of software used for TV inspection, DANDAS, SRO data, etc.

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