High professionalism is an obligation. We know that. At Envidan, we create innovation through research and development. Together, we will move the entire water sector in a sustainable and digital direction.

We can only do this because we invest 20% of our profits in research and development every year. But we also invest time, energy and commitment, and we make our knowledge available to customers, partners and society. This is unique for our industry.

We say out loud that we WANT to be the best at development, and we are proactive in approaching our customers with our great ideas for joint innovation. We also see investment in research and development as essential prerequisites for ensuring progress on sustainability.

Innovation as a cornerstone of our DNA

Our research and development is underpinned by the high level of professionalism of our staff, which is the foundation of our business.
We have the best people in the industry, constantly seeking new knowledge and bringing energy and innovation to projects with their commitment.

From idea to action

Our customers are asking for it. Employees are asking for it. The market demands it. Innovation is an important cornerstone of Envidan’s development.

We create results in our development projects, and like ripples, knowledge spreads from one project to the next. We develop products and concepts that give our customers better solutions, but we also push applied research and development, where the result is not a product but unique knowledge in a specific field that allows us to provide the best advice and make a positive difference to an entire industry.

‘For BIOFOS, stagnation equals dismantling. We must and must develop, or we will be liquidated. Development is something we cannot do alone, it must be done in close cooperation with everyone in the industry.”

“Therefore, it is gratifying that we, together with Envidan, can take on the heavy responsibility of implementing development projects. For the benefit of everyone, so that we in the wastewater companies become more efficient and increase quality, while at the same time helping to put Denmark on the world map. The development work has a strong focus on creating new jobs, increasing exports and thus contributing to Danish society. Therefore, BIOFOS is happy to participate in development projects.”

John Buhr Christiansen, Managing Director, BIOFOS

“There are not many advisors who have the same level of ambition as Envidan when it comes to the willingness not only to apply the latest knowledge in their own projects, but also to take responsibility for developing and educating both advisors and researchers to solve tomorrow’s challenges. I believe that this attitude benefits the entire industry. Envidan’s investment in industrial PhDs is also important for the university, as it is our opportunity to conduct applied research and development with a focus on the needs of companies and society.”


Michael Rasmussen, Professor, Aalborg University


“I think it’s all about mindset, Envidan is by far the most proactive partner we currently have. It is also about working together in the development projects as equal project partners, and not as task commissioner and task executor. We need this equal exchange of knowledge, and I believe it makes for a healthy relationship that benefits us all.

It is also no secret that we at VandCenter Syd usually target exactly the person or persons who we believe are the most skilled in a particular field, and we can see that the last three times, we have found them at Envidan.”

Rikke Hansen, Development and Innovation Consultant, VandCenterSyd

Our research projects are wide-ranging

Envidan works with research, development and innovation in development projects, software solutions and collaboration with universities and students.

Clean drinking water for villages in Nepal

As a development project, Envidan is working with partners to bring clean drinking water to villages in Nepal.

Data-driven asset management

Rehab-IT functions as data-driven asset management and is used to prioritize activities in relation to the goals and to continuously monitor the impact of the initiatives on the goals.

Research in collaboration with Envidan

With her business postdoc Sofie van’t Veen will create a new generation of water quality monitoring in Danish watercourses.

Sewage Control (Business Postdoc)

Nadia Lund has completed her business postdoc and has developed a tool that can estimate whether there is a control potential in a given surronding area.

Envidan supports students and research at universities

It is research and development that lays the foundation for tomorrow’s innovation at Envidan. That is why we at Envidan see a strength in collaborating with universities and students with good ideas.


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