Online operational logbook for utilities and treatment plants

Envitronic brings together all the utility’s operational data and makes daily work easier and more efficient

Many utilities find that it can be difficult to get an overview of the daily operations and thus maintain the many different operational data. In Envitronic you can gather data from the different work areas (wastewater, drinking water, electricity, waste, heat etc.) and use it across to optimize the overall operation.

By gathering all relevant operational data such as own analyses, analyses from accredited laboratory and SRO values in one database, it becomes simple and easy for the utility to maintain data.

You choose which data you want to use

The type and amount of operational data relevant for each utility varies greatly. Envitronic can handle data from both internal and external systems, and you decide what data you want to include and how it should be used.

Calculations and forecasts

In Envitronic you can set up the calculations that make your work easier. The tool contains a number of standard calculations, but is flexible, allowing you to set up exactly the reports that are of value to you and automatically distribute them to predefined email recipients.

Automatic import and error reporting

Import of external analyses from an accredited laboratory, electricity consumption from remotely read electricity meters and daily values from SRO systems. All this is done automatically in Envitronic, so you always work with up-to-date data. In case of data errors, you will automatically receive an error report, which you can refer to in order to correct the error.

The Danish supply map is changing – Envitronic adds value through consolidation

In connection with the many consolidations in the Danish utility sector, the need for a single registration of operational data is increasing.

Here, Envitronic is particularly well suited, as it is possible to aggregate data from different SRO installations, thus facilitating the transition to a single overview of operational data from multiple utilities and utility types.

Features of Envitronic

  • A web-based solution.
  • A system that can bring together all data from the utility’s work areas (wastewater, drinking water, waste, electricity and heat).
  • Recording/storage of internal and external data and values from SRO systems.
  • Automatic import of external analyses from accredited laboratory and daily values from SRO systems.
  • Import of operational data and analysis from industrial companies.


  • Automatic generation of reports.
  • Creation of special reports from predefined or own reports.
  • Report for benchmarking and environmental statement.
  • Schematic and graphical display of all data.
  • Various calculations (all values can be included in a calculation).
  • Reporting to authorities.
  • Multi-user system with password access.
  • Automatic backup of all data.

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