1. Putting sustainability first

Envidan was born with a sustainable DNA, but our ambitions go beyond that. We want to be the preferred expert in sustainability in the water cycle, which is why we are training all staff in sustainability and why we are building a strong advisor base that can move the whole sector. We are already well on the way, and we are setting binding targets year by year.

2. High level of professionalism

You can become part of Scandinavia’s strongest academic community within the water cycle. Every day, the sector’s professional lighthouses work hard to address the biggest challenges facing the industry: green transition, climate adaptation and ensuring clean drinking water. In addition, we have an annual training budget allocated for your professional development, which you and your manager will decide together how to use.

3. Investing in research and development

Every year, we invest 20% of our profits in research and development – and in yours too. Why? So we can attract the brightest minds and collaborators at the leading research institutions of the field.

6. Strong social community

You will be part of a strong collegial community of +400 employees across Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All helped along by our creative staff association, which organizes everything from colorful Christmas lunches to champagne tastings, board game cafés and baking competitions.

7. High employee satisfaction

A high level of job satisfaction is at the top of our agenda. That’s why we have well-being surveys four times a year, and every three years we also conduct a major employee satisfaction survey to take the temperature of the physical and psychological working environment at Envidan.

10. High ceilings and short decisions

At Envidan, we have a flat management structure and a high degree of employee influence, which means that there is not far from thought to action. We listen to new ideas, give responsibility and trust you to take the lead on the projects you bid on.

4. Full-time, part-time and everything in between

There are many ways to be an Envidan employee. Maybe you want to work part-time while your children are young, so you can spend time with them without getting bogged down in pick-up-and-drop-off logistics. Maybe you have taken early retirement but want to keep your professional skills up to date. Or maybe you’re at a point in your life where you want to give your career a boost and dedicate your full attention to work.

5. Get a mentor

There’s a lot to keep track of as a new employee, so when you join Envidan, you can be assigned a mentor in the form of a colleague who will guide you through the start-up process and answer all your questions.

8. BrainBox: Fire up your ideas

In our in-house think tank BrainBox, we encourage employees to contribute all kinds of ideas – from wild business ideas and concrete environmental and energy-saving measures to ideas that improve internal culture or well-being. Four times a year, we award prizes for the best ideas, and if they are good, they are implemented.

9. Mind or body aches?

We take responsibility for the physical and mental health of our employees through our health insurance, which includes access to physiotherapy, psychological consultations, reflexology and acupuncture. We also have an in-house masseuse in every office, so you can easily and conveniently loosen up aching joints and muscles.

High flexibility

We believe that you know where and how to work best and most efficiently. That’s why we offer a flexible framework to help you balance your professional and private life.
You can choose to work from our offices in Silkeborg, Aarhus, Aalborg, Kastrup or Lyngby or from your home office.

Do you want to join the team?

We are always looking for bright minds – whatever your age, seniority, gender or geographical location.

If none of our vacancies match your profile, you are also welcome to apply unsolicited or contact HR for further assistance.


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