Envidan is the leading water and wastewater specialist in Scandinavia with three independent business areas: consulting, contracting and software.

We help utilities, municipalities and industries within the water cycle. And regardless of whether we consult on climate adaptation, deliver finished plants or develop innovative software solutions, water expertise and digital thinking are always our focal point.

From our offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark more than 400 employees contribute to solving some of the water sector’s biggest challenges: sustainable water management, climate adaptation and securing clean drinking water.

And just like that, our business was born with a sustainable DNA. But our ambitions go further. Through our strong, technical expertise, we can provide practical, sustainable solutions to our customers’ specific problems.




Putting words into action

High professionalism is an obligation. We know that. And that’s why we want to be the preferred expert on sustainability within the full water cycle. We educate all employees in sustainability, so they can help build a strong base of consultation that can move the sector forward.

We are already in full swing. And we are dedicated to setting binding targets year by year.

By 2025, we want to be Proven Sustainable. We will calculate how sustainable our activities are – in terms of what the earth can sustain.

We will also advise our customers to choose solutions, projects and products that are sustainable and within planetary boundaries.

We can do all this because we invest 20% of our profits in research and development every year. This is unique for our industry.


As an consultant to utilities, municipalities and industries, we provide sustainable solutions to our customers’ projects, whether we consult on climate adaptation, drinking water, wastewater, nature and aquatic environment, biogas or district heating.

Our consulting services includes

  • Analysis and design
  • Planning
  • Project planning
  • Execution and commissioning
  • Commissioning and documentation


At Envidan, we know that the path towards a better and more sustainable water sector is digital. That’s why we provide a wide range of software products for the water sector, enabling utilities to

  • Optimizing the operation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Collect and use data as a decision-making tool
  • Getting the best conditions for wastewater planning
  • Planning utility jobs efficiently
  • Optimize service
  • Ensuring data-driven asset management


Envidan provides ready-to-operate wastewater treatment plants, resource plants and waterworks, and we assist our customers throughout all phases of the construction. We have a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to our contracts, involving all our specialists in the process.

Our turnkey deliveries include:

  • Wastewater treatment and resource facilities

  • Waterworks

  • Sludge treatment

  • Crew buildings

  • Drainage solutions

Envidan flag atmosphere

We remember our heritage

Envidan was founded in 1995 through high professionalism, deep commitment and short decision-making processes. This is still who we are. Because we care for our culture.

Since 2020, the private private equity fund Waterland has been our main shareholder. This gives us the power to create even more concrete environmentally friendly solutions across borders.

The goal is to make Envidan a strong European provider of solutions within the whole water cycle. This will benefit customers and employees through an increasingly skilled and highly specialized professional community.

But while our growth ambitions are big, we remember our heritage. We will always treat each other, our customers and partners with courtesy and respect. And we will never get tired of challenging the status quo to create smarter or simpler solutions – with an international outlook and local insight.

At Envidan, we have five key values: people-centered, frontrunner, entrepreneurship, decency and durability.</p>
<p>At Envidan, our values are an integral part of our daily work and in the projects we help our customers with.