Data platform

With a Data Platform, the entire utility's data is gathered in one place.

Equip your supply for the digital future!

In line with ambitious performance targets, stricter legislation and high documentation requirements, utilities’ need to make optimal use of their data and make better decisions based on documentation and data is increasing. That is why Envidan has created the Data Platform to enable intelligent and data-driven decisions across all utility data.

With the Data Platform, the utility’s untapped data gains value when it is collected, systematized and made usable.
A common data foundation across finance, HR, IT, and operational data equips you to predict operational savings, meet changing legislation, and document and adjust your KPIs on sustainability goals, CO22, nitrous oxide, asset management & investments, data quality, and more.

The data platform is built by engineers – for engineers

The data platform is developed by Envidan’s data scientists with experience from the water industry in close collaboration with our software engineers. Therefore, the Data Platform combines extensive water expertise and in-depth knowledge of the water industry with extensive data expertise and knowledge of digitalization.


It can collect, structure and visualize data.

Data exporters

It can export all data from Envidan’s programs to you.


You can have full access to all data on the platform on equal terms with Envidan.

Questions about the Data Platform?
You might find the answer here.

Can I move from Insights to the Data Platform at a later stage?

Yes, you can do that.

Can you share with other organizations through Insights?

Yes, you can.

Can I publish reports in Insights myself?

No, not yet! But we are working on a solution to make this possible.

Does Envidan do data integrations?

Yes, we do.