Envidan prioritizes high data security and ethics

Compliance with national and international laws, rules and regulations, as well as ensuring high ethical standards throughout our business and management, is important in all Envidan’s work and in our relations with customers and partners. Compliance concerns the correct handling of data, including personal data, the transparent use of cookies on websites, and our whistleblowing scheme.


On this page you can therefore find information on:

  • Envidan’s privacy policy, which describes how we handle personal data.
  • Envidan’s cookie policy, which describes why cookies are necessary, which cookies we collect, and what we use them for.
  • Whistleblowing, which describes Envidan’s Whistleblowing Policy and how to make use of Envidan’s internal whistleblowing scheme.
  • Envidan’s CSR strategy and Code and Conduct, which describe how we take social responsibility, and how we want our business partners to act.

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