Data-driven asset management for renewal planning

Get help to prioritize your investments in the rehabilitation of the water network

Rehab-IT helps your utility prioritize investments to create the best balance between risk, service levels and costs, minimizing unnecessary line breaks and collapses and inefficient investments.

Rehab-IT is a multi-parameter tool. This means that it combines all relevant economic and technical data to analyze and forecast the development of conditions, economy, and service levels to ensure the best possible progress of the water network rehabilitation. Ultimately, you will be presented with a scenario that makes sense for your unique supply.

Export to Excel

If you need to use the data elsewhere, it can be easily exported

Data analysis

Analyze data across scenarios, weightings, data quality, etc.

Interactive map function

Visualisér resultaterne i den interaktive kortfunktion eller et PowerBI miljø

Improved work with the SDGs

UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production

Improving efficiency

Use Rehab-IT to meet the increasing demands for efficiency

Machine Learning creates value for your supply chain

Rehab-IT makes cost-benefit analyses and finds the most economically optimal time to renew your wiring. All scenarios are based on the utility’s existing data.

By combining the utility’s own data, experience from a range of water and wastewater systems, and machine learning, Rehab-IT can create the necessary link between the utility’s objectives, strategy, investments, and results.

Machine learning is used to generate new value-creating analytics that were not previously possible. With machine learning, it is possible, for example, to predict the physical condition of pipes where TV inspections have not been carried out.

Value-added planning

From an economic and sustainability perspective, there is great value in optimizing your renewal planning for both water and wastewater pipes. Replacing wiring too early is expensive, but renovating too late can also be costly.

Using an asset management approach creates an overview and coherence between the utility’s strategy, vision, and objectives and the analytics that show the sequencing plan for the renewal of the pipes.

It adds value to the utility when it is clear that the renewal of individual pipes contributes to achieving the set goals.

Rehab-IT bridges the gap between planners and management

Rehab-IT links objectives, strategy, investments, and results.

With Rehab-IT, you can bridge the gap between the operational and strategic levels to ensure the optimal operation of your supply chain.

Rehab-IT documents the utility’s choices about the renovation strategy and budget and can therefore also be used as management documentation.

The quality of your data may vary, and the program records the data on which the plan is based. This provides a natural flow of information between planners and management and ensures that renewal projects are launched on an informed basis.


Implementation of Rehab-IT at Novafos

Get inspiration for your digital journey by reading how easily Novafos managed to implement Rehab-IT and data-driven asset management in their company.

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