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We are always up to date on the latest know-how within the field of biogas, and our skilled engineers and planners take part in preliminary studies, process consulting, regulatory processing, tendering and supervision – all as impartial consultants. We can offer our expertise throughout the entire process – from the first assessments of the foundation for a biogas plant to the project implementation with tendering, project management and supervision.

Our process engineers are experts in developing and optimizing biogas processes. We find savings and improvements by analyzing and assessing factors such as process temperatures and residence times and by assessing the plant’s biomass base.

We review the biomass input to the biogas reactors and the degassed biomass with the aim of optimizing the gas production according to the biomass that can be sourced, the plant’s approvals and the possibility to distribute the biomass once it has passed through the biogas plant.

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Biogas has been on Envidan’s radar for many years – with good reason. In 2030, the Danish gas consumption is expected to consist of approximately 70% biogas to 30% natural gas, making Danish gas consumption the greenest in Europe. Our biogas experts have in-depth experience with biogas plants and have provided consulting in the field of biogas production on a multitude of Danish projects, e.g. Ribe Biogas, Greenlab Skive Biogas and Horsens Bioenergi.

Ribe Biogas

Renovating or building a new biogas plant?

The Danish authorities require various reports and detailed plans when renovating and expanding or constructing a new biogas plant. We know what documents are required and can assist in preparing or updating them:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental approvals
  • District plans
  • Zoning permits
  • Building permits
  • Risk assessment and mapping
  • Approval as a high risk establishment and preparation of safety documents
  • Fire strategy, emergency plan, ATEX zone plan and ATEX workplace assessments
  • Veterinary self-monitoring programs

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