As a consultant for Danish utilities, municipalities and developers, we design and plan the drainage systems of tomorrow. We are experts in hydraulic calculations, sewage planning, pumping technology and SuDS solutions, which largely define the way we develop drainage systems today.

Thorough analysis and modeling is essential for us when delivering structure plans, wastewater plans and sewer renewal plans. Therefore, we have a large, specialized team of hydraulic engineers who use the latest modelling tools to ensure an optimal decision-making basis for drainage projects.

We have a dedicated civil engineering team with extensive experience in design, tendering and supervision. As an example, we solve civil engineering projects with problematic soil conditions, high groundwater levels, deep excavations or poorly founded buildings. We find the best solutions based on cost, time and quality, and we always make sure to align with our customers’ expectations. During the execution phase, we lace up our safety shoes and fasten our safety helmet to ensure optimal construction management and site supervision.

We are specialists in pumping technology

One of our core competencies is pumping technology, where we do our utmost to deliver an optimal pump technical design. We carry out analyses in close cooperation with our clients and suppliers, and we involve our entire range of specialists, including mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers. We also design in 3D, which provides the best conditions for making the right choice the first time, as the 3D drawings give all involved parties a good visual overview of the project.

When we consult and design, we do so in both traditional collaborative constellations and through partnering. We are one of Denmark’s most experienced engineering consultancy companies when it comes to partnering. We have been part of the partnership cooperation in Aarhus Vand since 2006 and also have extensive experience from other utilities such as Hillerød, Halsnæs, and Silkeborg Forsyning as well as VandCenter Syd.

Need help with your wastewater planning?

At Envidan, we have strong professional competencies within all planning disciplines, and therefore we can deliver integrated solutions that are buildable and realizable. We prepare wastewater, structure and climate adaptation plans with focus on all stakeholders, and we have carried out wastewater plans for more than half of the country’s municipalities as well as numerous supplements and updates. Involvement is key when we draw up plans, and we ensure ownership and anchoring through workshops and collaborations across municipalities, citizens and utilities.

Among other things, we complete wastewater plans in GIDAS, which is a dynamic digital wastewater plan that can be accessed via our EnviPortal.

GIDAS handles all data from e.g. MapInfo, FAS, DANDAS, The Danish Building and Housing Register etc. and has a GIS part as well as a database part, so graphics and data are fully integrated. In this way, the plan is dynamic, as corrections in the graphics are automatically aligned with the schedule part. GIDAS handles the legally required PULS reporting to the Danish Environmental Portal as well as uploads to DIADEM.

Establishing sewage wiring systems is a natural extension of our planning services

Project planning, tendering, construction management and professional supervision in connection with the establishment of sewage systems is an essential part of our business within sewage and climate adaptation.

We use all known methods for construction and rehabilitation of the sewer system, and we have experts who have completed sewage projects using NoDig methods, including controlled drilling, as well as tunneling and lining. In these projects, we often work multidisciplinary, collaborating with geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and road engineers.

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