Systematizing and streamlining operations - Target utility efforts with EnviDrift

Plan the work of the utility and provide targeted action!

Every day, utilities carry out many complex tasks, all of which support the smooth running of their operations. Jobs must be planned, work performed must be documented, and the many operational inquiries from citizens and employees must be prioritized and handled. The utility must also maintain an overview of the network and renewal planning and generally stay ahead of the curve regarding maintenance. In order to carry out all these important tasks in the most appropriate and efficient way, utilities need to be on top of:


  • Where the problems are most critical – so they can address them in order of priority.
  • Whether there are too many requests for a particular type of fault – as this may indicate a general problem in the area.
  • Whether all tasks are handled in a timely manner – or whether there is a need to re-prioritize resources so that all tasks are completed and staff can keep up.
  • That they can easily document their work from anywhere.


With Envidrift, utilities get a total overview of infrastructure and maintenance and a proactive maintenance plan to stay ahead of costs. At the same time, Envidrift increases quality and reduces costs, losses and breakdowns.


EnviDrift creates value all along the supply chain

The benefits are many, both in the individual department and for the whole supply chain

Benefits for the Head of Operations

  • You and the utility’s staff have a clear and unambiguous overview of what is expected of you. You have the possibility to plan and reprioritize tasks at individual and team level.
  • You can attach all relevant documents such as operating instructions, drawings, etc. so that they are accessible to all users of the system.
  • You can send a task directly from EnviDrift to the partner who will solve the problem.

Benefits for the planner

  • You can use the integrated map function in EnviDrift to see where problems are occurring.
  • The map function gives you an overview of any concentrations of similar requests that may indicate an overall problem that needs to be addressed.
  • You can access EnviDrift from the online device of your choosing.
  • You will have a better overview of whether your staff can keep up or whether the distribution of tasks needs to be changed.

Benefits for the financial manager

  • Your staff can take quick and targeted action where the problems are most urgent.
  • You get a flexible system that can be adapted to the utility.
  • Your staff can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • You will have a better overview of whether financial resources are properly allocated.

Plan tasks and be prepared for unforeseen challenges with Job Plan

The operations manager uses Job Plan to plan the annual cycle of upcoming tasks, coordinate jobs, and get a good overview of the employees and the tasks ahead.

For the employee, Job Plan provides an overview of upcoming jobs, the possibility to assign jobs to their own weekly schedule and to coordinate with the team.

See, what you get with Job plan

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