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At Envidan, we work to ensure clean drinking water throughout Scandinavia, and as part of this we provide advice on the sustainable use, extraction and management of drinking water.

Many Danes take for granted that the water in their home or workplace is clean and safe to drink, and with good reason. Denmark has some of the best drinking water in the world. Unfortunately, the picture is changing. Many countries, including Denmark, are facing increasing challenges with environmental pollutants such as PFAS, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and microplastics.

We take care of the water cycle, from source to consumer, and we help utilities, waterworks and municipalities to secure the water supply of the future.

We work on water resource mapping, source sites, waterworks and distribution networks, and based on the latest technology in the field, we provide strategic planning, hydraulic modeling and analysis. All with the aim of ensuring an optimal, future-proof water supply.

At the same time, we deliver turnkey ready-to-operate waterworks and offer solutions that cover all phases of construction. You can therefore rely on us for planning, design, execution, commissioning, start-up and documentation.

We take care of the water cycle – from source to consumer

We help utilities, waterworks, and municipalities secure the water supply of the future.

In Denmark, we use our groundwater as drinking water, and this places great demands on us to protect and manage this resource sustainably. At Envidan, our geologists, engineers and environmental technologists work on groundwater mapping using geological and hydraulic models as well as geophysics and chemistry. We are experts in data management and, based on data analysis and specialist knowledge in geochemistry, we produce water quality forecasts for pesticides, PFAS and nitrates, among others.

We also offer advice in connection with groundwater protection, including response planning, BNBO, cultivation agreements, instruments and other landowner issues.

Are you renovating or building a new water treatment plant?

Building a new water treatment plant or renovating an existing one involves a wide range of considerations and decisions, and it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of water supply.

You may be wondering whether your water utility is geared up to cope with future developments and ensure sufficiently good quality water. Or maybe you are unsure whether your waterworks can meet the increasing demands of the EU. sustainability.

We have a wide range of experts in the field of water treatment who cover the entire water cycle and ensure optimal execution of the project – from analysis and design to project planning and the finished water treatment plant.

Get help with regulatory tasks

Several of our geologists, hydrologists and chemists have acted as consultants for the state’s groundwater mapping. We therefore have in-depth knowledge of the thinking and methodologies for designating administrative areas in the water sector.

We carry out a variety of regulatory tasks, including the supervision of waterworks and the preparation of water supply plans and action plans for groundwater protection. We also work with regulatory tasks from the other side of the table as partners for the water utilities, who must follow guidelines from the state and municipalities and put planning into practice.

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