The best conditions for your wastewater planning

With Gidas, you always get up-to-date data, version control and quality assurance and more served on a user-friendly, web-based platform.

Are you also struggling with unstructured appendices and multiple versions of your waste water plan? The mess of versions and supplements is a frustrating time-waster for many utilities, but help (and structure) is at hand!

Gidas is a digital tool for preparing and managing wastewater plans, ensuring you and your utility the best conditions for your wastewater planning. Gidas brings together all relevant data in one place and is based on up-to-date data from planning systems. Therefore, you can always count on that you are working with correct and accurate data. With Gidas, you also get quality assurance, so you can easily check a number of critical attention points in your wastewater plan. This way, Gidas helps you ensure the quality of your plans, so you don’t waste unnecessary time on manual quality assurance and troubleshooting.

With Gidas, you also get built-in version control, which is a digital option for managing supplements – without having to manually save and keep track of copies. The versions are in one place, so you always work with approved plans and addenda.

Gidas is an intuitive tool that is continuously adapted to the user’s needs

Gidas is an intuitive and user-friendly web-based tool and the system can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, making collaboration easy and efficient for you and your colleagues. The same applies to cooperation with municipalities, utilities and environmental authorities, as Gidas securely shares knowledge through data and supports relevant reporting.

And Gidas is continuously developed and improved in dialog with our users, so that the system meets your real-life needs.

“The system is very user-friendly and it makes it much easier for us to manage approved plans and addenda”

“It is an advantage that Gidas is web-based. It is easier to use and many new staff are more used to web-based systems. It is also an advantage that it is similar to the interface of everything else we use, because it makes it easier to use”


  • Automatic annual reporting for rainfall-related discharges
  • Uploading discharge permits as PDF directly from Gidas
  • Continuous adaptation, cf. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s data technical instructions, including the new requirements for quality level and ownership at outlet level

Gidas supports the data model in and ensures easy updating:

  • Uploading sewer catchments to
  • Free user management of sewerage forms and associated translation into plan data types
  • Update of drainage codes, use codes and ownership at address level from the property and environment database from OIS

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