Our specialists are your guarantee for proficient consulting, that always takes sustainability into account

As the leading water and wastewater specialist in the Nordic region, consulting is one of our core competencies

As a consultant to utilities, municipalities and industries, we contribute to solving tomorrow’s challenges in the Scandinavian water sector, providing sustainable solutions to our clients’ projects. This applies whether we deliver consultancy on climate adaptation or design wastewater treatment plants, waterworks, sewage systems or biogas and district heating plants.

We work within the entire water cycle, from source to consumer, and our consulting covers small and large-scale solutions – from single, limited projects to the delivery of complex turnkey projects.

Every day, we work to ensure a better environment and a more efficient utility sector that brings value to society, its’ citizens and the nature and aquatic environment that surrounds us. You can draw on our knowledge and skills if you need help with planning, design, execution, commissioning, and documentation within all our business areas.

Get an overview of our business areas

Water supply

We have experts within all parts of the water cycle, from source to consumer, and we help utilities, water plants and municipalities in securing the future water supply.


We design and plan sewage systems, offering hydraulic calculations, planning, pumping technology and state-of-the-art SuDS solutions.

Climate adaptation

We include climate adaptation in all our projects and offer solutions such as radar monitoring, hydraulic modelling and simulations to future-proof your rainwater and wastewater systems.

Wastewater treatment

We provide consulting on advanced wastewater treatment, sustainable utilization of wastewater resources, wastewater treatment plant design and state-of-the-art process optimization.

Nature and aquatic environment

We specialize in management and restoration of streams, lakes and river valleys. Our experts range from biologists and geologists to agricultural technologists and engineers, ensuring that all aspects of a project are covered.

Energy and district heating

Our specialists can provide client consultancy, consulting on advanced energy installations as well as specialist BAT recommendations, and they can assist throughout the entire process – from the initial design to the final contracting.


Within the field of biogas, we can deliver preliminary studies, process consulting, regulatory processing, tender documents as well as supervision. We can provide assessments of the basis for establishing a biogas plant, including project implementation with client tenders, project management and supervision.

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