Management and administration of the emptying scheme for septic tanks

With EnviTrix you are always up to date
– also in the field.

Registration and management of the emptying scheme for septic tanks is a time-consuming task for both utilities and the contractors responsible for emptying the tanks. Changes in the planned routes are often troublesome and the manual process of getting data from the vacuum truck into the operating system is cumbersome and slow. With EnviTrix, you no longer need to deal with that problem.

EnviTrix is a software system that optimizes the utility’s management of the emptying scheme by registring and sending relevant information directly between mobile units and a central database. This makes life much easier for both the operator and the contractor.

“Our everyday life wouldn’t work out without EnviTrix. EnviTrix is the foundation of all the tasks we solve.”

Plan the emptying routes digitally

Create the optimal route for the contractor and send it directly to the car.

Always up-to-date information

You don’t need to save important information manually. Municipal property data from the Danish Property Database and Environmental Database is transferred directly to EnviTrix.

Get your finances in order

Send invoices, make payments and create forecasts directly in EnviTrix, which allows for customized filtering and reporting.

utilities using EnviTrix

contractors using EnviTrix Go

tanks registered in EnviTrix

With EnviTrix you get a wide range of options:


  • Setting up tanks
  • Information on tanks
  • Documentation
  • Editing the location of tanks
  • Contact details
  • Log on to a tank
  • Agreements relating to a tank
  • The planning of tank emptying
  • Emptying the tank
  • Emptying history
  • Change of ownership


  • Setting up alerts for tank owners
  • Setting up an emptying certificate
  • Setting up tank owner access with tank code
  • Setting up rights for EnviTrix Go
  • Setting up FAS


  • Extraction of emptying reports
  • Display of unprocessed messages and orders
  • Statistics on tanks and emptying of tanks

EnviTrix Go – for those on the road

EnviTrix Go is an app that you can bring with you on your emptying route. The app is configured to make it easy to switch customers, cars and routes. EnviTrix Go shows you a background map, directions to the tank, and who to call before you arrive.

It doesn’t get any easier!

Gain more benefit from your data in EnviTrix

EnviTrix allows you to use statistics to improve your operations and emptying scheme. Watch the latest EnviTrix webinar (in danish) and learn more about the many possibilities of the built-in statistics module.

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