Many trainees have started their water-related careers at Envidan, and we hope more will follow.

You come with curiosity, new knowledge and new ideas from school, and we offer exciting tasks from all parts of the Scandinavian water industry and professional sparring from the industry’s best. A pure win-win, if we do say so ourselves.

You can also write your final project or thesis in collaboration with our skilled specialists, whether you have an IT or engineering background. We provide knowledge, data and guidance, and in return we expect you to take the initiative and make your mark on the process.

And who knows if it opens the door to a further career at Envidan?

“My traineeship at Envidan
is a time when I learned a lot of engineering disciplines that are not possible to learn by going to school.”

“My time as a student at Envidan has included both a final project and a student job. In both contexts, I have had a great deal of influence on the selection of tasks and the plan for execution. This has meant that all assignments have been relevant to my education and that they have been within my areas of interest.”

Are you writing your thesis, PhD or final project?

Write it in collaboration with us and get a unique opportunity to dive into an exciting case study from the Scandinavian water industry. We provide knowledge and data, and you get expert advice from one of our specialists along the way.

You can come up with an idea for an issue you want to explore, or we can come up with one together.

Are you looking for a traineeship?

As an intern at Envidan, you will have the opportunity to bring your theoretical knowledge from your studies into play on our exciting projects from the water industry.

You will gain valuable experience, develop your professional skills and take responsibility for specific tasks. You will undoubtedly learn a lot and you will be part of a professional and social community of both experienced and young employees who help each other and have fun at the same time.

Can you make a positive contribution to one or more of our business areas? Then send us an application – whether you are studying engineering, biology, IT architecture or something else.

Contact me
for more information

Ursula Harboe

Senior Recruiter

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