Take control of your energy consumption in the energy crisis with Enablo

Energy optimize your wastewater treatment plant with Enablo and take control of your energy consumption in the energy crisis

In Denmark, we are in the midst of an energy crisis, with historically high energy prices and fears of an energy shortage. This means that everyone has a responsibility to manage the crisis to the best of their ability. This means, that electricity is too valuable and too scarce to not balance energy and emissions optimally – with Enablo, you can optimize the energy efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant.

The current situation heightens the demands on treatment plants to balance energy consumption and energy costs. Using real-time data collection, Enablo can map where in the purification process the most energy is used and how to regulate and optimize the process. In this way, the system’s consumption can be regulated from one moment to the next, so that operation is always optimal.

With the help of Enablo, each plant can thus take control of its operations and make the most of conditions such as demand and electricity prices. This is how your supply achieves the best results, both economically and in terms of consuming electricity most efficiently.

That’s what counts when resources are scarce.

Enablo vs. the conventional control in wastewater treatment plants

Enablo differs from conventional treatment plant management by relying on real-time data. Conventional control always works based on the current control settings and therefore does not regulate according to the conditions or the different levels of the purification process.

With Enablo, you can regulate operations minute by minute, 24 hours a day, always maintaining the optimal balance between energy consumption, prices, and emissions.

Envidan helps utilities monitor energy consumption during the energy crisis with Enablo

So why pay more for the same power? Regulate your operations according to electricity prices. Enablo thus enables individuals to decide when and how they want to use electricity. Therefore, it is possible to take into account the demand for electricity and possible fluctuations in demand and prices which can vary during the day. This means that emissions remain the same in compliance with current wastewater charges, while energy consumption and cost in many cases can be reduced significantly.


Do you also want to operate according to electricity prices?

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