Sustainability Workshop

Get started with your sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting – get started and reach your goals

Sustainability is more important than ever and it’s importance will undoubtedly increase in the future. But how do you start mapping your impacts?

In the course of four modules, you will be able to map your sustainability efforts, set concrete goals and subsequently work on concrete improvement measures and reporting in accordance with future EU requirements (CSRD) and other sustainability reporting directives.

The aspects of sustainability that are relevant for each utility will vary, as will the prioritization of actions and the preparation of the sustainability report – therefore the content of the workshop modules will be tailored to your needs.

Workshop modules customized for your utility

Envidan offers four sustainability focused modules that can support utilities in their work with sustainability. The modules are workshop-based and can be delivered individually or in combination, and are customized to the needs and level of each utility.

Different needs – different modules

Envidan adapts the modules according to your needs and level:

Should we focus on environmental, social and/or economic sustainability? Do you work within the field of sewage, climate, distribution, water treatment and/or wastewater treatment? Have you already worked with sustainability and have you set up concrete goals or activities that we should use as a starting point?


Module 1

Introduction to sustainability

Gain an understanding of basic concepts and methods within environmental, social and economic sustainability

Module 2

Set up specific sustainability goals for your work

Define your sustainable development framework with targets that match your activities and ambitions

Module 3

From goals to action

Get inspiration and specific ideas for actions to help you reach your goals

Module 4

Data collection and sustainability reporting

Learn about the requirements and opportunities offered by current and future reporting requirements

Meet the facilitators of the different workshop modules

Sarah Brudler Friis

Sarah Brudler Friis

Head of Development

Sarah is Sustainability Development Manager for Climate and Drainage and works with environmental sustainability and climate footprint. She has a PhD in life cycle assessments of climate projects.

Jacob Kragh Andersen

Jacob Kragh Andersen

Head of Development

Jacob is Development Manager for Sustainability on wastewater treatment plants and has 12 years of experience in process design and process optimization of wastewater treatment plants.

Jeanette Agertved Madsen

Jeanette Agertved Madsen

Head of Development

Jeanette is Development Manager for wastewater treatment plants and has more than 20 years of experience in incorporating sustainability into project execution.

Julie Skrydstrup

Julie Skrydstrup

Project engineer

Julie works broadly on sustainability throughout the water cycle and holds a PhD in environmental technology.

Thomas Rolf Jensen

Thomas Rolf Jensen

Senior Process Engineer

Thomas acts as a facilitator of the various workshops. He works on strategy, planning and expansion projects at wastewater treatment plants.

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