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Simple, safe, and cost-effective design for drinking water storage

Envidan, in collaboration with Aarhus Vand and with Arkil as the executing contractor, has been the client consultant and designer in connection with the development and preliminary design of a clean water tank at Kasted Waterworks


Aarhus Vand


Client consultancy and design in connection with the development and preliminary design of a clean water tank


Kasted, Aarhus N



Complex functional requirements and partnerships

The concept was born out of an extensive innovation process that involved multiple suppliers and solutions to find an alternative solution to a well-known problem: the storage of drinking water. The solution was initially designed in a partnership between Aarhus Vand (project manager and end-user) and Envidan (client consultant and designer). Arkil is acting as the executing building and civil engineering contractor, Sulzer is carrying out the forging and mechanical engineering contract, and Lindpro is carrying out the electrical and switchboard contract.

The development project was initiated when Aarhus Vand needed to update several existing drinking water containers to meet service targets following ISO 22000 HACCP (Documented Drinking Water Safety) combined with a need to adjust the sizes of the containers.

Envidan is also assisting with the regulatory processing and preliminary design of an additional container in Højbjerg, which is also carried out according to this new concept.

“A few years ago, we started an innovation process around the future concept for our DDS upgrade of containers. In Aarhus Vand, we are planning to renovate several of our containers according to the same concept.”

The many benefits of the concept

  • Full control of flow, residence time, and water quality.
  • Only a few flushes during commissioning and quickly low germ count.
  • Minimized operating cost as the pipes slope in the direction of flow, thus contributing to the self-cleaning nature of the system.
  • Flexible operation of the system and stable water supply, as each pipe can be operated independently and taken out of service as needed.
  • Leakage monitoring by pressurizing the cavity of the double-walled pipe with air. This means that operational staff can quickly detect any leaks.
  • Scalable from 100 cubic meters up to many thousands.

The potential of the concept

The safety of drinking water is paramount for water companies. This solution has great potential to improve water quality and ensure a stable distribution of drinking water. Although simple in its design, it is the simplicity that makes this concept suitable.

The total cost of this solution is reduced compared to traditional solutions and is therefore also an attractive alternative to concrete or steel solutions.

The complexity of the concept can be modulated to adapt it to the requirements and needs of each utility. The solution can be reduced down to the pipe section itself with its two barriers and nothing else. Even in such a case, the concept could offer a safer and cheaper alternative to traditional container solutions.

Sustainable solution contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The design is innovative, safe and cost-effective, and is part of a DDS upgrade of drinking water tanks at Aarhus Vand. The new container was commissioned in 2020.

The result of the newly designed containers is a sustainable water management system that contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure). The newly developed concept changes the storage method for water in larger volumes – from volume in concrete structures to volume in horizontal Ø3000 PE pipes of desired length. The concept can be used for new elevated tanks, new clean water tanks, upgrading existing facilities and temporary solutions.

The benefits are many, in terms of water safety, flexible volumes, easy access and self-cleaning. The concept ensures good water quality in relation to bacteriology and pollutants in the tanks by e.g. hydraulic control, sectioning, self-cleaning, flexible volume, etc.

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