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Wetland project at Gørup Enge benefits water quality in the Limfjord

Flying over Gørup Enge, on the border between Viborg and Vesthimmerland municipalities, the eye is drawn to the beautifully meandering watercourse that winds its way through the grass-green landscape. The watercourse is a concrete example of the advice Envidan has provided to Viborg Municipality in connection with the realization of a 110 ha wetland project.


Viborg Municipality


Wetland project, including river flooding, watercourse re-meandering, drainage irrigation and land extensification


Gørup Enge, Vesthimmerland



The project is part of the national wetland scheme, and the aim has been to reduce the discharge of nitrogen into the Limfjord. The project is expected to retain about 8.9 tons of N/year, while reducing CO2 emissions by submerging peaty soils – all to the benefit of water quality in the Limfjord.

The wetland project has been realized through different actions:

  • Flooding with river water
  • Irrigation with drainage water
  • Through extensification of land

The latter means, among other things, that no fertilizing or spraying is allowed on the areas in the future. All actions aim to enhance the natural values of the area, create a more natural hydrology and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The benefits of nature

As part of the project, several watercourses have been re-meandered and a number of internal drains and ditches have been removed. As a result, there is now much more flooding with nutrient-rich river water, while at the same time, various drains have been disconnected, resulting in irrigation with drainage water from the surrounding fields. The re-meandered watercourses have also created excellent habitats for fish and small animals, and a number of spawning streams have been constructed, including trout.

The project was completed in the fall of 2021 and was implemented with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Envidan has carried out detailed design, tender and tendering, supervision and construction management in connection with the construction phase.

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