Sustainability and the SDGs

As an environmental company, we continuously work on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals within our areas of expertise, where ensuring clean drinking water for all, improving wastewater treatment, developing resilient, sustainable and climate-adapted cities, and spreading green energy are a natural part of our everyday lives.

Putting the SDGs into action

We are committed to acting, which is why we have developed a sustainability tool to help us, our customers and our partners make the right choices and prioritize sustainability in all kinds of project execution.

With SustainED, Envidan offers a phase based tool that ensures a proven, systematic and structured process that gives our customers a clear direction and a well-documented basis for decision-making.

Based on the map out of the current situation, concrete targets are assessed, prioritized and set – both the Sustainable Development Goals using the built-in SDG Priority tool as well as other sustainability goals.

We take all factors into account and ensure that you are on the right path and are able to reach your goals.



Data collection and visualisation of baseline



Data processing, analysis and assessment of potentials



Selection of areas for action



Defining concrete objectives for action areas


Project renewal

Solutions for achievement of goals

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