Major project to future-proof the water environment in the metropolitan area

Thursday the 24th of February, BIOFOS signs a contract with the consortium VEK for a major construction project, that is part of a large-scale expansion plan for over DKK 1 billion to future-proof wastewater treatment in the greater Copenhagen area.


By 2045, the Copenhagen metropolitan area is expected to grow by the equivalent of 28 new inhabitants per day. This results in many extra showers and toilet flushes, which in itself puts a strain on the sewage system and thus on treatment plants. At the same time, rainfall is becoming more frequent with larger and heavier volumes of water, putting pressure on wastewater treatment plants.

50% more wastewater through the treatment plant

Over the next five years, BIOFOS is expanding its treatment plants. A total of five initiatives in the so-called “Udbygningsplan” (expansion plan) will ensure that wastewater can be treated until 2045 while maintaining high water quality.

The measures will enable the Damhusåen treatment plant to handle much larger volumes of wastewater. The plant will go from a capacity of 10,000 m3 of wastewater per hour to 15,000 m3 per hour. This also means that the risk of bypass (discharge of wastewater that has only been through the mechanical treatment process) is significantly minimized.

“I am pleased that we can start the expansion of the Damhusåen wastewater treatment plant. This is essential to keep pace with population growth and increased water flows. This will ensure that we continue having a good aquatic environment for the benefit of the many bathers in the metropolitan area as well as the marine life.”

A complex project in strong collaboration

Thursday the 24th of February 2022, a contract was signed for the construction project. In short, the project involves optimizing the water line – i.e. the flow of water through the entire plant – at the Damhusåen wastewater treatment plant.

The consortium VEK (Vandlinje Entreprise Konsortium), which consists of the civil engineering and construction company NCC Danmark A/S and the consultancy firm Envidan A/S, will be responsible for the major project.

“At Envidan, we are incredibly proud to be working with NCC on such a large project for Denmark’s largest wastewater company. The collaboration with BIOFOS started with the establishment of the expansion plan itself and has continued on several of the sub-projects, most recently with Projekt Vandlinje,” says Søren Bruun Hansen, Business Director at Envidan.

The water line will be optimized by building a new distribution structure, installing sidestream hydrolysis instead of the current BIO-P plant, and furthermore, four new clarifiers will be constructed. All in all a complex project:

“We are delighted to have been selected for the project together with Envidan. It is an exciting and complex project – partly because we are working with a plant that must be kept in operation throughout the process,” says Bjarki Finnbogason, Area Director at NCC.

The entire “Udbygningsplan” is expected to be completed by 2027.

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