New strategic partnership aims to build water plants in Denmark

Envidan and 2Water have made a strategic trade agreement that positions the two companies firmly on the Danish market for construction and renovation of water plants.

2Water is an innovative, visionary and professionally competent production company specializing in the manufacture and installation of water plants, and together with Envidan’s process-oriented water specialists, this means that we can now offer a highly competent team with extensive experience in building water plants on turnkey contracts.

Working together to ensure clean water in Danish taps

Denmark has some of the best drinking water in the world, but these days the drinking water is under pressure. PFAS and other substances threaten our drinking water and there is a strong focus on drinking water safety and quality.

To meet this challenge, we need to bring all our competences into play and use the latest technologies and treatment processes to ensure that we will continue having clean water in our taps in the future. With this new strategic collaboration, 2Water and Envidan can offer a unique team with some of Denmark’s best water experts combined with an enormous amount of experience in building water plants. We believe that this is what is needed to ensure clean water in Denmark.

Enthusiasm from both sides

Rasmus L. Aaskoven is CEO of 2Water, and he is enthusiastic about the new collaboration:

“2Water has extensive experience in building water plants, and I am sure that it will be a strength for us that we now already in the tender phase have a strong process partner who can help ensure that we bring the latest technologies into play. We are really good at what we do and so is Envidan, so together I think we are incredibly strong.”

Abovementioned stance is shared by Envidan, where Jesper Hall, Business Director for Clean Water, welcomes the new opportunities:

“We have a long tradition of building treatment plants on a turnkey basis in Envidan, and we have long had ambitions of doing the same as regard to water plants. With the new agreement with 2Water, we are taking a big leap in that direction, and we look forward to utilizing the synergies of the collaboration to enter the water plant market.”

The cooperation agreement between 2Water and Envidan is not an exclusive agreement and the two companies are therefore free to enter into cooperation agreements with other players in the industry, whether in the field of clean water or in the other areas in which 2Water and Envidan operate.

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