GreenLab Skive Biogas sets new standards for biogas production

GreenLab Skive Biogas reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by upgrading and feeding biogas into the natural gas grid.


GreenLab Skive Biogas


Consultancy, including supervision, contact with contractors, design of facilities, construction of technical systems such as process and piping systems and regulatory processing


Skive, Denmark



Conventional and organic line

The biogas plant is the first among the major Danish biogas plants to establish both a conventional and an organic line. The two lines are kept separate throughout the process from manure to biogas. The only thing in common is the gas system. The first upgraded biogas from the plant flowed into the natural gas grid in December 2019, and the biogas plant is a good example of how far the biogas industry has come.

GreenLab Skive Biogas is approved to treat up to 500.000 tonnes of biomass per year consisting of manure and various residues from industry and agriculture. At the plant, there has been a great focus on ensuring that these residues originate from the local area, and the plant’s treatment equipment has been optimized based on this idea. This means, among other things, that more deep litter bedding and seed grass from local farmers is handled at the biogas plant compared to glycerine and yeast from industrial plants located far from the local area – e.g. from foreign factories.

Upgraded biogas for the natural gas grid

The biogas produced is upgraded and fed into the natural gas grid, and can thus be used by all consumers connected to the natural gas grid. In this way, GreenLab Skive Biogas contributes to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

The digested manure is returned to the 69 neighbouring farms, that supply livestock manure to the plant. The degassed manure does not emit methane, smells less and works more effectively as fertilizer than manure that hasn’t been through the biogas plant. This because it now contains nutrients from the residues that are also treated at the biogas plant.


As a consultant, Envidan has been responsible for supervision, contact with contractors, design of the plant, construction of the technical systems such as the process and piping systems, as well as being responsible for part of the regulatory tasks.

Locally rooted biogas plant

The energy company E.ON owns 50% of GreenLab Skive Biogas, while the remaining 50% is owned by a group of local farmers and companies. In this way, a strong local anchoring is ensured around the establishment and operation of the plant. The biogas plant is part of GreenLab Skive – a full-scale development and testing site for future energy forms, green transition and innovative solutions within energy.

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