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The largest and most ambitious wastewater treatment plant tendered in Denmark in recent times

A new super treatment plant in Assens will ensure energy-optimal operation, more efficient wastewater treatment and reduced CO2-emissions.


Assens Forsyning A/S


Turnkey contract for new wastewater treatment plant with associated biogas plant


Assens, Denmark



“Yes! Awesome! That’s just great!”

There was cheering in the offices when Envidan, in consortium with Jakobsen & Blindkilde, which is part of NCC, won the contract to build a new super treatment plant with associated biogas plant for Assens Forsyning A/S.

The project is described by contract manager Jens Albrechtsen as the largest and most ambitious wastewater treatment plant put out to tender in Denmark in recent times. Therefore, the plant will also demonstrate what the consortium is capable of in terms of technology, environment and energy when selecting the best solutions. At the same time, the consortium’s ambition is that the treatment plant will attract attention – both locally and internationally.


State-of-the-art wastewater management and treatment

Assens Forsyning A/S has chosen the full package within wastewater treatment plants, which is why the project is state-of-the-art in wastewater management and treatment:

“You can understand a treatment plant as a construction of building blocks. You can easily make a treatment plant work with just a few building blocks, but Assens Forsyning has chosen virtually all the building blocks you can imagine.”

It is not only the technology that excites the Chairman of the Board of Assens Forsyning A/S, Poul Erik Kristiansen:

“In addition to an absolutely modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology, the architecture of the project interacts well, not only with the newly constructed waterworks and the planned administration building, but also with the landscape and the beautiful nature in and around the utility park. We are very pleased about that. We also look forward to working with a team of highly experienced civil engineering and wastewater experts.”

Eight smaller treatment plants in one super treatment plant

Assens City Council has decided to consolidate the management of wastewater from eight smaller treatment plants into one large plant. The super treatment plant is ‘super’ for a number of reasons. Although it is a major investment for the utility, it makes sense from an economic and a climatic point of view to build a new one. This is due to economies of scale, as well as the fact that the new super treatment plant reduces CO2-footprint from wastewater management. The new treatment plant is therefore environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


An ambitious DKK 250 million project

The huge West Funen project was commisioned in January 2023 and has a budget of DKK 250 million. The plant will have a capacity of 100,000 PE with the possibility of expanding to 150,000 PE in the future.

Collaboration between engineers and architects

The consortium with Jakobsen & Blindkilde has been named Nyt Assens Renseanlæg I/S. Together with Assens Forsyning A/S, Cubo Arkitekter A/S and Møller & Grønborg, Envidan will build the new treatment plant in “Forsyningsparken” in the city of Assens. The park will be equipped with an “information ring” – a public trail system where citizens and professionals can learn how the plant works and why it is state-of-the-art in wastewater treatment.

The consortium was selected by a unanimous board of directors, following an EU call for tenders in which three turnkey contractors were pre-qualified. Nyt Assens Renseanlæg I/S was chosen because the offer had the best price-quality ratio.

Both parties in the consortium are looking forward to the big project. Area Director from Jakobsen & Blindkilde A/S, Esben S. Pedersen says:

“We are indescribably pleased to once again be involved in the construction of a new, high-tech wastewater treatment plant. This is one of the areas in which we have a great deal of experience, and in terms of building and construction, it is an area that is one of our absolute core competencies. I and my team, in cooperation with partner Envidan A/S, will do everything possible to ensure that the plant is built as appropriately and efficiently as possible.”

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