Envidan invests millions in BI and Business Analytics

For the past 25 years, Envidan has been helping utilities to make the right decisions based on their production and management data.

We live in an era where data volumes are increasing exponentially, and so are the expectations for efficient and optimized operations of businesses in all industries. The speed with which we collect, transform and analyze relevant data from all levels of the business is crucial to our ability to make the right decisions.


That is why we at Envidan have chosen to invest heavily in supporting the utilities’ need to have the necessary insight to make informed decisions at both operational and strategic levels.

The basis for the investment is (perhaps) Denmark’s largest collection of utility data

Making the right decisions is not only about having the right data in large quantities, but also about analyzing and producing the right data to add value.

For many years, through our various software solutions, Envidan’s customers have benefited from all the data that we have collected over the years and, with the customers’ consent, used across the customer base. However, times have changed and it is increasingly necessary to reconcile production and infrastructure data with financial or other data from different parts of the utility.

We are now doing so with a multi-million investment that supports our customers’ needs and enables us to help them optimize their business even better. And it pays off for utilities and municipalities, since Nucleus Research shows that companies earn on average DKK 10.66 for every DKK 1 they invest in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

The solution is BI, Data Warehouse and Business Analytics

Technically, the solution is based on the latest technology in Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Analytics from Microsoft.

At Envidan, we are a Microsoft Silver Partner, and together with Kapacity, which has been named Microsoft Data & AI Partner of the Year four years in a row and most recently in 2021, we are jointly building perhaps the most comprehensive Data Warehouse and Business Analytics solution for the utility sector in Denmark.

We make it possible to expose and analyze utilities’ own data in our comprehensive Cloud platform.

Together with Kapacity, we can refine and quality seal relevant data so that the utility gets the most value from the large amounts of data, many of which are already available today in Envidan’s software setup.

BI only adds value when the supply side is in place

Why is BI from Envidan even relevant when there are already many others offering BI solutions?
This is because Envidan is one of Denmark’s leading consultancy companies within the entire water cycle, and it is the professionalism that makes a difference.

Together with BI, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can advise utilities from a water and wastewater perspective, and not solely based on set financial KPIs. We can extract value from all the utilities’ data and with intelligent data processing, we can help on a completely different level than a traditional BI consultancy, whether it is anomaly detection, trend analysis, forecasting or optimization of production and workflows in the business. Envidan can thus help you make the right decisions at both an operational and a managerial level.

Be one of the first pilots to support digital transformation

In the period July-December 2021, Envidan will work on a number of pilot projects where we invite our customers to participate in the selection and processing of the data reports and analyses that can create value for all utilities in the country in the future.

Utilities who wish to join this work will have a unique opportunity to put their fingerprint on the digital foundation that will underpin the digital transformation of the utility sector in the coming year.


If you would like to join us, please do not hesitate to contact us.