Envidan is investing heavily in digitalization

In connection with a major organizational change throughout the Envidan Group, it has been decided to separate the software business into an independent division, which will ensure that the company’s software palette continuously delivers the best data basis for the utility sector in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


With an efficiency requirement of 2% annually and historically great challenges in both the climate area and in the pursuit of the green transition, the utilities sector has a great need to optimize solutions and workflows. For more than 10 years, Envidan has developed digital solutions for this very purpose and sees a huge optimization potential, which they are now accelerating to fulfill. This includes the creation of an independent division focusing exclusively on digital solutions for the utilities sector, with a strong profile at the helm ensuring that the products perform successfully.

This work will be led by Morten Klank, who joins Envidan’s Executive Board as Managing Director of Envidan’s software division. Morten has been in Envidan since 2019 and has many years of experience in successfully leading digital businesses into the future.

CEO of Envidan Morten Fjerbæk says about Morten Klank:

“Morten has a unique knowledge about building and developing digital businesses, and even though our software solutions already create value in a large number of utilities, we need an MD with a distinctly digital mindset if we are to succeed in creating the digital business that we hope for and that we know our customers demand. We believe that Morten Klank is the right choice.”

Software products are still based on water expertise

Although Envidan’s software solutions will now have their own division, this does not mean that the water and wastewater expertise on which the products have always been based will receive less focus:

“What makes our products particularly relevant and value-adding for our customers, is that they are developed in close collaboration between them and our skilled water and wastewater specialists,” says Morten Klank and continues:

“Our software products make a real difference in everyday life because we know our customers’ challenges inside out and have the professional expertise to address them. All our products originate from specific needs in the supply chain, and this will continue to be the case.”

“It is our specialists who help specify, test and implement our solutions, because we believe that it is in the intersection between software and water expertise that the good solutions lie,” he concludes.

Envidan has become a Microsoft Gold Partner in record time

Gold is also what Envidan has just achieved in its collaboration with Microsoft. In January 2020, Envidan became a Microsoft Silver Partner on the Azure Cloud platform, and one year later, the silver has been converted to gold. Azure Cloud is an important technology in the digital solutions of the future, and therefore Envidan is also very pleased with the gold partnership.

“As a gold partner, we get a lot of benefits from Microsoft, which also benefit our customers,” explains Morten Klank.

“For example, we get early access to new technology, the opportunity to contribute to the development of new Microsoft products and a large network of specialists that we can draw on. At the same time, the certification has contributed to the upskilling of our own staff, and it is their skilled work in the process that we are most proud of,” says Morten Klank.

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