Strong software profile becomes new Business Director for Software at Envidan

Software profile and former Director of Technology & Innovation at Systematic, Erik Søndergaard Andersen, is now moving to the environmental engineering and software company Envidan, where he will be head of the software division.

Erik Søndergaard Andersen comes from a position as Director of Technology & Innovation at Systematic.
Erik Søndergaard Andersen comes from a position as Director of Technology & Innovation at Systematic, where he for the past 6 years has been in charge of the development of new technology from idea to implementation. Previously, he also worked as Senior Business Development Manager at the software house Ennova. Erik Søndergaard Andersen says about his move to Envidan:

“At Systematic, I have been in close contact with our customers to ensure that we develop the right products and solutions. I also see this as my future task in Envidan. I need to understand and know our customers and markets to ensure that the products we develop are relevant and adapted to the increased demands the water sector is experiencing, e.g. demands for documentation,” says Erik Søndergaard Andersen.

Envidan is investing heavily in digitalization

In connection to a major organizational change last year, the Envidan Group decided to separate the software business into an independent division, which will support the company’s software palette in order to continuously deliver the best data basis for the utility sector in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Now, Erik Søndergaard Andersen, who has several years of experience in pushing the digital agenda and integrating software as a natural part of organizations’ operations, is in charge of driving this agenda:

“I see it as my most important task to bridge the gap between Envidan’s software and consulting business. The entire utility sector is being digitalized these days, and access to and use of data will be important within the water sector. Here we have the opportunity to benefit from one another in a unique way, and I’m really looking forward to that.”

At Envidan, CEO Ole Fritz Adeler is confident that Erik Søndergaard Andersen is the right profile to take Envidan’s software division a step further into an even more digitalized future:

“Envidan has great growth ambitions, and this requires an adaptable organization that can accommodate the expected growth in the coming years. The goal is for Envidan Software to continue to bring great value to a water sector, which is experiencing increased demands for digitization and documentation, and I am confident that Erik will be able to deliver that,” says Ole Fritz Adeler.

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