Envidan wins ‘Green Award of the Year’

Every year, Business Silkeborg awards their ‘Green Award of the Year’ to a company in Silkeborg Municipality that has put words into action by incorporating sustainability into its business model and strategy. This year, Envidan won the prize – a company that does not have an individual sustainability strategy below its corporate strategy, but instead an overall sustainable business strategy.


The criteria for receiving the ‘Green Award of the Year’ is that the recipient must be a company that has moved its business model in a more sustainable direction, or a company that is ‘born’ out of the sustainability agenda. And that goes for Envidan, sine the company has been working for a better environment based on the water cycle since 1995.

Managing Director for Research & Sustainability in Envidan, Mads Uggerby, received the award on behalf of Envidan and stated the following in his acceptance speech:

“Since 1995, with Silkeborg as our headquarter, we have been working for the environment based on the water cycle. Back in the 90’s, our slogan ‘For the environment’ was very much about avoiding nutrient discharges to the aquatic environment. In the 2000’s came greater focus on energy conservation and climate change adaptation, and in the 2010’s the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.”

Here in 2022, we have a company with over 370 employees working towards a sustainable water cycle. We have embedded sustainability in the Executive Board and we have a sustainable business strategy – not a sustainability strategy under the business strategy.

Envidan was born with a sustainable DNA, but we also see the ‘Green Award of the Year’ as a recognition of the fact that our ambitions go even further. Through our strong technical expertise, we will continue to provide practical, sustainable solutions to our customers’ specific problems.

We are able to do this, because high professionalism is an obligation for us. Furthermore, it is part of our strategy that we will educate all our colleagues in sustainability in the coming year, so that we can build a strong advisor base that can move the industry in the right direction.

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