First step towards internal sustainability education in Envidan has been taken

At Envidan, we have been working with sustainability for many years – both internally and together with our clients. We are now setting the bar even higher and are going to include sustainability in all our activities. Therefore, all employees must be educated within sustainability.


The first steps towards an internal sustainability education in Envidan have been taken, as participants from different business areas have taken part in two pilot trainings and contributed to the further development of the education. The pilot trainings were aimed at project employees as well as the management and focus was on the integration of sustainability within Envidan’s projects.

Development Manager for wastewater treatment plants, Jeanette Agertved Madsen, Development Manager for Sustainability within sewage and climate, Sarah Brudler Friis, and project engineer, Julie Skrydstrup, were responsible for the teaching and facilitated a programme that drew on a long history of working with sustainability:

“At Envidan, we have a long tradition of incorporating sustainability both in our planning projects and in Envidan as a company. We draw on our experience and history to ensure that all our colleagues are upskilled and able to incorporate sustainability into projects in close dialogue with our customers,” says Jeanette Agertved Madsen.

Prepared to consult our clients

The overall aim is to train all staff to understand key concepts and methods within sustainability. Internally at Envidan, this means that all employees need to know our strategy and policies, among other things. Externally, this means that sustainability is brought into projects in close cooperation with our clients and partners, using our tools and methods.

“It is important that we equip our colleagues to be able to identify, how they can make sustainability an intregrated part of their daily work. The first step is for everyone to understand key concepts, such as climate accounting and ecosystem services, and the tools and methods we use to integrate sustainability into projects.”

Sustainability at eye level

In Envidan, we are committed to addressing all three aspects of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. We have the tools and experience to work on all aspects and concrete practical examples are incorporated into the teaching.

“As a relative newcomer to Envidan, it is great to get a deeper knowledge of the company’s work on sustainability. It was important to clarify key concepts and terminology, and it is good to see concrete examples of how sustainability is brought into projects. It’s great to be able to offer our clients concrete consulting on their projects and create even more value for them,” says Karina Buus, Business Director for Sewage and Climate, who participated in the second pilot test.

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