Horsens Bioenergi replaces fossil fuels with biogas

Horsens Bioenergi produces biogas by digestion of livestock manure and residues from agriculture and food industries. The biogas produced is upgraded and sold to the natural gas grid, replacing fossil fuels for the benefit of the climate and environment.


Horsens Bioenergi


Consultancy in connection to establishment and expansion of biogas plants


Horsens, Denmark



Horsens Bioenergi was commissioned in September 2014 north of Horsens, close to Danish Crown’s slaughterhouse. In 2015, the plant was expanded with an additional reactor to complement the original two. One of the two halls was rebuilt and subsequently rented to Daka ReFood, which has established a facility for pre-treatment and sorting of food waste from supermarkets, commercial kitchens etc.

Today, Horsens Bioenergi has the capacity to process 550,000 tons of biomass per year, part of which consists of the biopulp coming from Daka ReFood’s processing plant. Through the collaboration with Daka ReFood, a unique synergy effect has been achieved. In addition to sharing a number of technical systems, there is also a significant environmental and energy benefit through the utilization of nutrients and energy content in food waste. In addition, there is also a major saving in the need for road transportation, as the end product from Daka ReFood’s treatment plant is used at the biogas plant and thus does not have to be transported by trucks to external plants.

Envidan has been advisor on the project throughout the entire process and has successfully made an application for the subsidy pool for the establishment of biogas plants that was available when the plant was planned. Envidan has also been in charge of the regulatory process, including the local planning, and the environmental approval and assessment – both in connection with the construction of the original plant and the ongoing expansions that have also taken place.

The plant was expanded in 2021 with more reactors and receiver tanks, and a CBG tank facility was also established. This allows upgraded biogas to be used as fuel in trucks, thus replacing the consumption of fossil fuel.

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