Envidan is getting ready for the future

The environmental company Envidan has big growth ambitions, and this requires an adaptable organization that can accommodate the expected growth.


Therefore, the company is now changing its organizational structure to a divisional split, where the current CEO Morten Fjerbæk continues as CEO of the overall business, while Ole Munk Nielsen becomes COO and thus responsible for Envidan’s entire Danish division.

“At Envidan, we have always been committed to the principle of a flat management structure, and we have not wanted to add more links in the management chain than necessary. And that is still the case.”

“We just have to recognize that if we are to achieve our vision of being a leading player in solutions for the entire water cycle, we need more bandwidth – also in the management layer. At Envidan, it is important for us to be close to our customers and responsive to their needs, and this requires that we move the decisions to where the customers are, and that is in our business units. Ole is a strong profile who knows our customers, and they know him. I am therefore pleased and proud that Ole has agreed to sit at the end of the table in our Danish cnsultancy business,” says Morten Fjerbæk.

Ready to bring the strategy to life

Since 2012, Ole has also been part of Envidan’s Executive Board, and he has therefore had a great influence on Envidan’s strategic direction and the values that the company is based on today. Ole himself is very happy about the new challenges:

“I know the industry and Envidan inside out, and I see a huge potential in bringing our competencies into play to an even greater extent with our clients. There is a huge need for innovative solutions within water and wastewater, and we have the best people in the industry to deliver that. Our current strategy focuses on Northern Europe, building on our foothold in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.”

Strong team with great experience

In Envidan in Denmark, Ole is flanked by a strong team of Business Directors, each with their own area of expertise to ensure the continued development of Envidan. Søren Bruun Hansen will be Business Director for the wastewater treatment area, where he, with more than 20 years in the industry, has a unique knowledge of wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment and sustainable resource optimization.

In relation to groundwater, extraction and distribution of clean water to Danish consumers and waterworks, Jesper Hall has been the natural choice as cross-functional Business Director. Jesper initiated the clean water division in Envidan in 2011, and has since then been responsible for that area. A position he will retain in the new organization.

Finally, on January the 1st 2022, Envidan welcomed Karina Buus as Business Director for Drainage, Climate and Nature and Aquatic Environment. Karina comes from a position as Project and Market Manager in Cowi within the climate and drainage area and therefore has the right profile to develop this area.

Continued focus on combining high professionalism with high well-being

With the new corporate structure, Envidan is also expanding its management team, which until now has consisted of Morten Fjerbæk, Ole Munk Nielsen and EnviDan’s CFO Michael Flindt Nielsen. The three will continue in the Executive Board, but will be supplemented by Morten Klank, who will head EnviDan’s digital division, Mads Uggerby, who will be the new Managing Director for Innovation & Sustainability, and Gitte Mønsted Hansen, who, as Managing Director for People & Culture, will ensure that employee well-being remains a top priority.

As the business expands in Norway and Sweden, the Executive Board will be expanded with directors from both countries. However, this position is currently handled by Morten Fjerbæk for Sweden and Ole Munk Nielsen for Norway.

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