Coastal and port protection

TenCate Geotube®

The technology is used for coastal and port protection projects – in a simple and environmentally friendly way

Tencate Geotube® is a durable and a proven solution for shoreline and sea protection and widely used in marine and hydraulic engineering, such as breakwaters, dykes and marine spill containment structures. Once the Geotube® bag is in place, the solution provides years of sustained performance to protect coastlines, rebuild beaches or reclaim land.

As the only distributor in Denmark, Envidan offers the original Tencate Geotube®, which is a technology suited for several different coastal protection projects.


Coastal revetments can be eroded by wave action. TenCate Geotubes® can be used for a range of coastal erosion solutions that also improve access to public facilities, as well as protect facilities and properties


Dykes are often constructed to allow construction to take place under more suitable conditions. TenCate Geotubes® are widely used for this, either as the primary solution or as the core of a rock structure.


Groynes regulate the lateral movement of sand along beaches, reducing erosion and retaining sand in specific locations. TenCate Geotubes® are widely used as piling for this purpose, improving access to publicly accessible facilities such as beaches and piers.


Breakwaters reduce the energy of the wave before the waves reach the shore, thus reducing the erosive forces on the beach. TenCate Geotubes® are used worldwide for this purpose as it requires very high quality geotextiles. Here, material quality and safety go hand in hand.

Offshore structures

As a market leader, TenCate Geotubes® provide a comprehensive range of marine geotextiles and Geotubes® to reduce and control erosion around offshore structures such as bridges, pipelines or wind turbines.

How TenCate GeoTube® works

TenCate Geotube® is used in 3 phases in coastal protection

Step 1: Filling

Dredged sand or similar materials are filled into the bag. The geotextile retains the material in the bag and is constructed from a unique fabric specifically designed for marine structure.

Step 2: Retention of material

In this stage, the backfilled material is retained in the geotextile bag, where TenCate Geotube® allows the backfilled material to move from suspension and to form a dense monolithic structure in the bag.

Step 3: Structural use


In the final phase, the filled and densified TenCate Geotube® is used as a structural mass for coastal protection. When used in conjunction with a geotextile membrane, the bag can be used as a sand dune core or as a shoreline reinforcement or erosion prevention. If use of the bag ceases, the bag, which is made of polypropylene, can be delivered for combustion after use.

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