Sludge dewatering and treatment

TenCate Geotube®

Solve your challenges with sludge from wastewater treatment plants, industrial production or fish farms, as well as sediment from lakes, harbors, and stormwater ponds

The technology behind TenCate Geotube® is proven with many references in Denmark, and can be used in a simple and environmentally friendly way for dewatering sludge from wastewater treatment plants or for cleaning up lakes and harbor basins.

Envidan offers, as the only distributor in Denmark, the original TenCate Geotube®, which is a dewatering technology for all types of sludge and sediment. It requires no permanent facilities or fixed installations. It is used to the extent necessary. Dewatering and storage are done in the same process.

Simple technique for all types of sludge

Minimal costs

Customised sizes

Dry matter content of 15-50%

Minimal sludge to landfill and land application

How TenCate GeoTube® works

TenCate Geotube® includes 4 steps for dewatering sludge and sediment


Step 1: Filling

Sludge or sediment with a suitable polymer added is pumped to the bag. The polymer ensures good flock formation and therefore optimal separation of sludge and reject water. The geotextile retains particles in the bag.


Step 2: Dewatering

Drained water is returned to the treatment plant, sewage system or recipient depending on the nature of the project, while particles remain in the bag.


Step 3: Concentration

The filled bags are left for further drainage for 2-12 months, depending on the type of sludge and when the sludge dries out.


Step 4: Disposal

The dewatered sludge and sediment is excavated and depending on the sludge quality, the sludge is disposed of in landfill, on agricultural soil or used as embedding material. The Geotube® bag is made of polypropylene and can be combusted after end of use.

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